Use NFPA's new interactive tool to compare fire deaths by state

Blog Post created by benevartsnfpa Employee on Aug 1, 2017
People frequently ask NFPA about regional differences in the fire problem, and one way to answer that question is with NFPA’s recently published U.S. Fire Death Rates by State Report. This report combines death certificate data with other data sources to explain how the fire death problem varies across time and geography. It also includes information about how risk factors and demographic variables relate to fire deaths. These are important issues to understand as we continue the work of eliminating fire deaths.
In addition to the report, we’ve also included an interactive fire death by state data visualization tool on the report website that allows users to select national and state data to compare to each other, and over time. If you visit the site, you can pick up to three states (or two states and the national data) to compare, and download a report.
We hope to include these types of tools with our reports in the future, so please feel free to give us feedback on what would be useful to you.