NFPA's Pauley meets with Costa Rican president; helps unveil new fire services manual for Central American fire departments

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Aug 7, 2017

Chief Hector Chavez, General Director of the Costa Rica Fire Department, Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis and NFPA President Jim Pauley


NFPA President Jim Pauley joined with Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis yesterday to accept the delivery of 16 fire trucks, 4 motorcycles and 4 ATVs as the fire department celebrates 152 years of providing emergency response to the people of Costa Rica. It was a grand gesture for an international fire services organization that is dedicated to top notch prevention and response.


Pauley was in Costa Rica to meet with members of the Confederation of Central American Fire Departments, and unveil a new fire services manual that will help command staff, firefighters, and the enforcement community reduce death and destruction due to fire and related hazards. NFPA collaborated with Costa Rican fire leaders on the development of the best practices document.


During his remarks, Pauley thanked the attendees for all that they do to keep people and property safe; and emphasized the importance of keeping up on emerging technology since Costa Rica is particularly interested in green energy.


"The information provided in this new fire manual is only good if you put it into practice," Pauley said. "Take the time to read it, update department protocol, share it with your colleagues, and hold others accountable for following these guidelines."


Later this week, Pauley and members of NFPA's staff will meet with members of the electrical, engineering and enforcement communities in Costa Rica.