Impact of fixed fire fighting systems on road tunnels

Blog Post created by dgorham Employee on Aug 10, 2017
Road Tunnel
Road tunnels are common place across North America and the world, providing the necessary path through mountains and under water. NFPA 502, Standard for Road Tunnels, Bridge, and Other Limited Access Highways, provides fire protection and life safety requirements for these structures which can cause unique challenges for safety because of constraints on ventilation and egress. Many tunnels in North America utilize passive protection methods for resistance to the effects of fire, typically provided by thicker layers of concrete. An alternate to this passive protection is a reactive system including fixed fire fighting (suppression) and ventilation components.
The Research Foundation has published a report by researchers at the University of Carolina at Charlotte that reviewed the impact of fixed fire fighting systems in road tunnels. Information was gathered on technical research from around the world and synthesized with an economic analysis of fire protection and life safety in road tunnels. The work from this project was basis for Anurag Jha’s Master of Science in Fire Protection & Administration thesis.