How should energy storage systems be protected from fire?

Blog Post created by boconnor Employee on Sep 13, 2017


With the present growth of the energy storage industry, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is actively engaged in a number of diverse initiatives including standards development, training, and research projects aimed at promoting the continued safe and sustainable expansion of this renewable technology. This presentation will talk about some of the standards that address energy storage systems as well as training that NFPA has developed to assist first responders who may encounter these unique hazards.


I presented on this topic during my latest NFPA Live. I got this great follow-up question at the end of the presentation. I hope you find some value in it.


NFPA 855 is now open for public input. What is a Public Input? This is a way for the public (anyone) to communicate the changes they would like to see in the standard and provide an explanation as to why the change should be implemented.


Public Input Closing Date is October 4, 2017. To participate go to and click on the blue “Submit a Public Input for the Next Edition” link.


NFPA Live is an interactive video series in which members of NFPA staff address some of the most frequent topics they receive through the Member's Only Technical Question service. If you are currently an NFPA Member you can view the entire video by following this link. If you're not currently a member, join today!