In the wake of two major hurricanes, NFPA issues new safety bulletin on submerged electric fuel vehicles

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Sep 14, 2017


In response to the devastating floods and coastal surges that Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma produced in Texas, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, NFPA has developed a new hybrid/electric vehicle safety bulletin. The timely resource was designed to ensure that emergency responders and public safety officers are informed and safe when dealing with vehicles that are submerged or have been submerged in water.


A recent news article reports that insurance experts estimate half a million vehicles were destroyed by Harvey's flooding alone, with an unspecified number of those cars being electric/hybrids. Hurricane Irma damage information was not available as of this posting but we do know that in 2005, following Hurricane Sandy, there was a notable fire event involving 16 Fisker Electric vehicles that were damaged due to coastal flooding.


NFPA's Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training Program is the internationally recognized leader in emergency responder alternative fuel vehicle safety information and knowledge. NFPA maintains a collection of emergency response guides from more than 30 alternative fuel vehicle manufacturers, and offers emergency responders a best practices Emergency Field Guide, alternative fuel vehicle safety training information, relevant content, tool kits and videos like the one below.