AUBE ’17/SUPDET® 2017: First day perspective from a librarian

Blog Post created by jrodowicz Employee on Sep 21, 2017


Tuesday, September 12, began with sunshine and an opportunity to meet and greet the presenters and attendees at the registration table at the 16th International Conference on Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications Conference (AUBE ’17/SUPDET® 2017).


While the Fire Protection Research Foundation has been hosting SUPDET for 21 years, this is the first time the conference has had concurrent sessions running at the same time in separate rooms. With so many things happening in different places, it can be difficult to cover all of the exciting research that it happening.



During the first day of this year’s conference, I was able to sit in on sessions focused smoke aerosol characterization. And while I am not an expert in the subject material, I was able to appreciate the work that is being done in this field. I heard quite a bit about broiled hamburgers vs. fried hamburgers… And I was surprised by the significance between the two when it comes to aerosols and how they are detected.

For a full list of what is being covered at this week’s AUBE ’17/SUPDET® 2017 conference, please see this year’s program.