New NFPA member in the making

Blog Post created by jrodowicz Employee on Oct 27, 2017


Cyrus Cutrer visited the NFPA Research Library & Archives several times over the week of October 16th while his father, Peter Cutrer, taught CFI-I (Certified Fire Inspector). Cyrus explored the public library space on the main floor, the Charles S. Morgan Technical collection in the lower level, and the archive rooms. He had up-close access to an ancient Sparky the Fire Dog, leather fire buckets, wooden fire alarm, helmets, nozzles, and more.

Being an exceedingly curious person and polite to a fault, Cyrus convinced Linda Wells, the library manager, to give him a tour of the entirety of 1 Batterymarch Park. Along the route they discussed the work that NFPA does in addition to “writing the codes.” The highlight of his tour was a conversation with Jim Pauley, where they discussed each of the challenge coins on display in his office.

Cyrus put together a 20 page slide show of NFPA which he confidently presented in the 1896 conference room to participants in the training session and NFPA staff. Cyrus delivered like a pro.

Come back any time, Cyrus. Just be prepared that next time we will put you to work!