Daily Dispatch updates now featured on NFPA’s 1st Responder Connection App

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Oct 30, 2017



When it comes to fire news, emergency response incidents, and issues facing the fire service – The Western Fire Chiefs Association’s (WFCA) Daily Dispatch is the go-to source for more than 70,000 fire chiefs and aspiring chief officers. So, it only makes sense that WFCA would align with NFPA to share timely Daily Dispatch news updates on the 1st Responder Connection App which has been downloaded by thousands since its debut in June.


NFPA's 1st Responder Connection App is quickly becoming a must-have tool for those interested in incident response, firefighter health and safety, wildfire, smart technology, public safety education, and the codes and standards designed to keep the public and first responders safe. By adding the news ticker to its app, NFPA has increased its palm-of-your-hand information and knowledge value proposition.


During his opening remarks at the NFPA Responder Forum today, President and CEO Jim Pauley informed attendees from 13 different fire organizations about the new alliance with Daily Dispatch. Stating that the updated version of the  app, “Now offers users the latest fire service news, as well as an extensive cache of emergency response content.”

The Daily Dispatch launched in 2004, initially in Oregon, then spread to the Western states and expanded nationally. This is the first time they have shared their editorial highlights via another app. “I was very happy that NFPA thought of the Western Fire Chiefs as a partner to add our news feed to their app. We always look forward to working with NFPA,” David Van Bellegooijen, General Manager with the Western Fire Chiefs Association said. “It is a natural partnership. We see the Daily Dispatch as a training tool that allows the fire service to learn from the experience of others-from best practices to local challenges and issues."


It’s clear that the modern day fire service wants convenient access to information that will help them do their job. In its first five months, the app has offered users best practices, safety tips, and relevant emergency response content; the Daily Dispatch will provide additional job-related insight. Moving forward, the 1st Responder Connection App and the new partnership with Daily Dispatch will continue to evolve to meet the demands of the fire service.

Download the NFPA 1st Responder Connection App for free via Apple or Android today.