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Blog Post created by bprince Employee on Nov 10, 2017
NFPA's upcoming webinar will provide highlights from the one-year Campaign for Fire Service Contamination Control project and corresponding workshop. The project was funded by an Assistance to Firefighters Fire Prevention & Safety Grant in an effort to develop and facilitate an awareness campaign that will help control the spread of harmful fire ground contaminants, and support improved overall firefighter health and safety.
Exposure to chemical and biological contaminants on the fire ground is an increasing concern for long-term firefighter health. Cancer and other diseases resulting from chronic exposures have become significant concerns for the fire service. Occupational cancer is presumed to be associated with fire ground exposure and the persistent harmful toxins found in firefighter equipment, apparatus, and fire stations.  
This project considered the entire spectrum of contamination control, including firefighter activities before, during, and after a fire or contamination event. Approaches used in other established areas were identified and can be adapted for broad implementation. Some fire service considerations and NFPA documents that may be impacted by the findings include:
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