Fire prevention workshop looks at technology advancements for home fire safety solutions

Blog Post created by kathleenalmand Employee on Nov 16, 2017


At a joint Fire Protection Research Foundation and Vision 20/20 workshop on Monday, September 11, 2017, speakers from research, industry and standards developers described the latest developments in technology and its implementation for smoke alarms and cooking fire prevention.

Workshop participants from the fire prevention community discussed the potential impact of these technologies and asked the question: what is our role in driving their implementation for home fire safety?

That role is threefold: as a communication bridge for new technology to the fire service and to high risk groups who might benefit from it; as an advocate for new technology solutions in regulation and with industry; and as a field data collection resource for the effectiveness and needed enhancements of technology.

The Foundation and Vision 20/20 invite you to participate in the dialogue.

Read the Proceedings from this workshop here.