Tentative Interim Amendments and Errata issued on NFPA 68, NFPA 101,  NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1582

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Dec 15, 2017
The NFPA Standards Council considered the issuance of proposed Tentative Interim Amendments (TIAs) on NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, NFPA 1006, Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications, and NFPA 1582, Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments.  The following TIAs were issued by the Council on November 18, 2017: 
  • NFPA 101, TIA 18-2, referencing 32.7.8(new) and 33.7.8(new)
  • NFPA 101, TIA 18-3, referencing 22.7.8 and 23.7.8
  • NFPA 1006, TIA 17-1, referencing 4.2 and 4.2.10(A) and (B)
  • NFPA 1006, TIA 17-2, referencing 5.3
  • NFPA 1006, TIA 17-3, referencing 10.2 and 10.3
  • NFPA 1006, TIA 17-4, referencing Chapter 14 various sections
  • NFPA 1006, TIA 17-5, referencing 17.2 and 17.3
  • NFPA 1006, TIA 17-6, referencing 22.2
  • NFPA 1582, TIA 18-2, referencing and A.
NFPA also issued the following errata on NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, and NFPA 68, Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting:
  • NFPA 101, Errata 101-18-2, referencing of the 2018 edition, issued on November 30, 2017
  • NFPA 68, Errata 68-18-1, referencing 9.2.8, issued on October 5, 2017
Tentative Interim Amendments (TIAs) are amendments to an NFPA Standard processed in accordance with Section 5 of the Regulations Governing the Development of NFPA Standards. They have not gone through the entire standards development process of being published in a First Draft Report and Second Draft Report for review and comment. TIAs are effective only between editions of the Standard. A TIA automatically becomes a public input for the next edition of the Standard, as such is then subject to all of the procedures of the standards development process.  TIAs are published in NFPA News, NFCSS, and any further distribution of the Standard after being issued by the Standards Council.  An Errata is a correction to an NFPA Standard published in NFPA News, Codes Online, and included in any further distribution of the document.