Utility Dive article highlights the work that NFPA and others are doing to address Energy Storage System safety

Blog Post created by boconnor Employee on Jan 5, 2018


The NFPA and Fire Protection Research Foundation are working on several projects related to Energy Storage Systems (ESS) including research reports, training for first responders, and the development of standards. These projects are highlighted in a recent article by Utility Drive, a utility news outlet that caters to busy industry professionals.

The piece looks at NFPA 855, the Standard on the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems, as well as other efforts that NFPA, the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY), and UL are undertaking to help build a safety foundation for the ESS industry.

The article features comments from Davion Hill of DNVG who is involved with several of the NFPA projects listed above as well as insight from Ken Boyce from UL, who is collaborating with NFPA on the development of energy storage safety standards. Representatives from NFPA are also working closely with FDNY leaders on several different projects to optimize the well-being of the general public and champion first responder safety.

ESS is not new and it's certainly not going away. Feel free to use the comment box below to ask questions or to start a discussion.