Journal NOW: There are 4 weeks left to submit public input on NFPA 3000, the new standard for active shooter events—read the NFPA Journal coverage

Blog Post created by averzoni Employee on Jan 25, 2018
First responders at Vegas shooting
The deadline to submit public input on NFPA 3000, Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events, is February 23—four weeks from tomorrow. NFPA Journal has been covering the development of the standard since July. 

My first article on NFPA 3000, "Threat Prep," came on the heels of shootings in Alexandria, Virginia, and San Francisco, both of which occurred on June 14. Coincidentally, the incidents took place on the same day the NFPA 3000 technical committee met for the first time at NFPA headquarters outside of Boston. My second article, "The New Deadliest," focused on the October 1 Las Vegas shooting. 
I also released a podcast in August that includes interviews with NFPA 3000 technical committee members who responded to two of the nation's deadliest mass shootings—the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, in 2016, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. 
The NFPA Standards Council recently gave the green light for NFPA 3000 to be released as a provisional standard, which means it could come out as early as April. As a result, public safety media outlets have buzzed with the news. In an op-ed for Fire Chief magazine, fire service veteran Rob Wylie lauded NFPA's efforts. "It is important and it is needed today," he said of the standard, while also stressing the need to prepare citizens—not just first responders—for active shooter and hostile events. 
The need to fast-track NFPA 3000 is clear. Just this week, two school shootings—one in Texas and one in Kentucky—have left two teenagers dead, and dozens more wounded. Submit public input on NFPA 3000 here, and continue to look for NFPA Journal coverage of NFPA 3000 as the standard is developed.