Journal NOW: 'This Is Us' tops NFPA Journal coverage of fire in popular culture

Blog Post created by averzoni Employee on Feb 15, 2018

Photo: Milo Ventimiglia via Twitter


In January, the hit NBC drama series "This Is Us" aired the first in a string of episodes that highlighted critical fire safety messages such as the importance of replacing smoke alarm batteries. The show, which is watched by upwards of 10 million people, managed to spark a nationwide conversation about fire safety. 


As a recognized leader in fire safety, NFPA found itself at the center of the discussion, posting about the show on NFPA Xchange and social media. Since it's not every day that NFPA has an opportunity to weigh in on the goings-on around Hollywood, NFPA Journal decided to feature an article about "This Is Us" and the fire safety conversation it created in the Dispatches section of its upcoming March/April issue. 


Cultural coverage has been an important part of NFPA Journal's effort to grow Dispatches—the front section of the magazine featuring short, news-centric articles—over the last year or so. Anytime I or other Journal staff members have come across a book or movie or TV show that intersects with the world of fire and life safety, we've made note of it as a potential Dispatches opportunity. We've run stories on a wildfire movie starring Josh Brolina book about arson fueled by a troubled romance, and even a documentary film about the Titanic.


Read the article on "This Is Us" here, and make sure to look for the latest issue of NFPA Journal, which will be available online and in print next month.