NFPA Standards Council seeking public comments on potential new project on Spaceports

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Mar 6, 2018
The NFPA Standards Council is in receipt of a New Project Initiation Request for the development of an ANSI Accredited Standard to establish requirements for spaceports.  Specifically, it is anticipated and requested that standards be established to provide guidance on the construction and operation of facilities used to house; maintain; and deploy rockets (solid and liquid), space planes, and other similar craft.  Another aspect of standards development proposed is addressing static stands used for testing and the development of rockets and space planes, among others.  If standards development is approved by the Standards Council, the standard may additionally address related topics as the Standards Council directs.  
To assist the Standards Council in evaluating the proposal for new standards, NFPA is currently soliciting comments to gauge whether support exists for spaceport standards development.  NFPA specifically seeks input on the following:
  1. Are you, or your organization, in favor of the development of a new standard establishing standards for spaceports, including guidelines for construction and operation of related facilities’ static stands, and other associated needs for spaceports?   
  2. Please state your reason(s) for supporting or opposing the proposed spaceport standards development.
Please submit comments in support or opposition to standards development on spaceports by June 1, 2018.
Additionally, NFPA would like to know if you or your organization is interested in applying for membership on the Technical Committee if standards development is approved by the Standards Council?  If you are interested in participating in standards development as a technical committee member, please submit an application in addition to your comments. Submit online application*
*Note:  Applications being accepted for purposes of documenting applicant interest in committee participation.  Acceptance of applications by NFPA does not guaranty or imply the Standards Council will ultimately approve standards development activity on this subject matter.