#TBT from the NFPA Archives: early 1900’s electrical hazards

Blog Post created by jrodowicz Employee on Mar 8, 2018

Today we are highlighting an image from our archives demonstrating one form of public education relating to electrical hazards in the early 1900’s.



On the board pictured above, right and wrong ways of treating electricity, along with their results were displayed.


The top left section of the board showed equipment that were known to be ignition sources in factories and homes, because elementary safeguards had been neglected at the time.

Below the board there would be a display showing both the correct and incorrect types of wiring equipment, as well as a collection of apparatus dating from 1878 to 1927.

Viewers came away from such displays with a better understanding of “The march of knowledge in the control of the silent servant who noiselessly does man’s bidding at the touch of a button.”

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