Final installment of 2018 70E changes video series focuses on  Standards for Personal Protective Equipment

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Mar 14, 2018

The 2018 edition of 70E is now available and NFPA has developed a five-part video series featuring our technical experts who can help explain some of the changes. In our fifth and final video, Chris Coache, NFPA’s senior electrical engineer, and Derek Vigstol, NFPA’s electrical technical lead, discuss Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE).


According to Chris, you’ll notice the change in how NFPA addresses PPE from the 2015 edition to this current edition. What you’ll discover is, in the 2015 edition where PPE “shall conform to the standards listed in Table 130.7(C)(14)”; in the 2018 edition it now states, “PPE shall now conform to applicable state, federal, or local codes and standards.”


Another change focuses on labels. Just reading a label and taking it at face value, Chris says, is not enough. Employers should consider teaching employees and/or the purchasing staff what to look for in a label (meaning: deciphering whether the gear is genuine or a knock-off). Ask yourself: do you have the confidence to know which standard is applicable to your gear? Are you secure in your knowledge that the gear has conformed to rigorous testing and has met the necessary requirements for safety?


At the end of the day, Derek says, we all want to do our job safely and return home. Understanding how to put practice into action when it comes to PPE is paramount if our goal is to see zero injuries on the job. What it all comes down to, they say, is education, training and understanding human error.


Learn more about the Standards for Personal Protective Equipment and get the full explanation from Chris below. (NOTE: This clip is part of a pre-recorded full webinar presented in July 2017).    



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