Journal NOW: Amazon exec talks warehouse fire safety

Blog Post created by averzoni Employee on Mar 15, 2018
In 1995, Amazon.com launched as a small online bookstore. Today, its stock shares sell at a higher price than Google's. The retail giant and technology company is poised to become even bigger and more successful in the coming years. 
A critical part of Amazon's business is its fulfillment centers—massive warehouses scattered across the globe that receive, store, and ship products. These products can be anything from books to laptops to cans of lighter fluid. How does the company keep these items and facilities safe from fire and other hazards? Amazon's North American Director of Health and Safety Paul Pace answered this and other questions in an interview with NFPA Journal for the March/April edition of Perspectives, "Prime Protection."
Pace provides intriguing insights into one of the world's largest operations. I was surprised to learn, for example, that Amazon stores products in its warehouses by size, not by risk or any other quality. Read the full article here.