Journal NOW: Waste fires are more common than you might think

Blog Post created by averzoni Employee on Apr 9, 2018

Photo: Associated Press 
A Google News search reveals just how widespread fires involving trash are in the United States. Last week alone, there were trash fires reported in Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, at least two of which occurred at large waste storage facilities. 
I had no idea how common these fires are until speaking with Stuart Lloyd, who's something of an expert on trash fires, for an article in the March/April issue of NFPA Journal.  A massive blaze at a waste transfer facility in Connecticut in late January (pictured above) is what piqued my interest in the topic. 
Lloyd, who works in the United Kingdom, explained to me that it's not uncommon for fire departments around the world to respond to trash fires daily. They can be challenging to put out, he added, because the "bulk, porous mass of waste" can essentially trap fire inside of it, preventing water from reaching the flames.
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