Do I need a permit for every hot work job? - NFPA Live highlight

Blog Post created by gcolonna Employee on Apr 17, 2018
According to NFPA statistics from NFIRS, the five year average (2010 - 2014) for hot work caused fires is 4,440...that's more than 10 per day throughout the US. These fires are preventable as long as there is an awareness of the basic principles and safeguards that should be followed any time a hot work activity is planned and conducted. That's the approach Boston Fire Department took over 2 years ago in the aftermath of a tragic fire in the city that took the lives of two firefighters.
During my recent NFPA Live presentation along with Laura Moreno, Engineer and Staff Liaison for NFPA 51B, Standard for Fire Prevention During Welding, Cutting, and Other Hot Work we described the fundamental safe practices found in the standard and shared how the program initiated from this tragedy has now trained nearly 25,000. 
We received this follow-up question from a member. I'm now sharing it with you. I hope you find some value in it.
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