All year round, but especially during EMS Week, we recognize that we are stronger together

Blog Post created by jmontes Employee on May 23, 2018


We, at the NFPA, work closely with EMS providers whose dedication to their patients and their colleagues often goes unrecognized every day. As we celebrate another EMS Week, we want to thank each of you, your families and all the people who make it possible for you to help people day in and day out.


The theme of EMS Week this year is "Stronger Together," which recognizes not only the bonds we form with our fellow EMS providers, but also the importance of collaboration. Whether working with colleagues in your organization, partners within your community, or agencies in neighboring jurisdictions, we truly are stronger EMS communities when we do things together as a team.


At the NFPA, we know this firsthand - thanks to our work with many organizations supporting EMS efforts across the nation. As members of Technical Committees on EMS, Cross Functional Emergency Preparedness and Response, Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, Ambulance Design and Construction, Hazardous Materials Response, and many more relevant topics, the EMS community helps to prescribe and inform NFPA's life safety efforts every day.  This year we have completed the draft of NFPA 451; Guide for Community Healthcare Programs, which will help EMS systems evaluate and partner with organizations so that, together, they can expand services and provide community paramedicine/ mobile integrated healthcare programs.  The EMS community was also incredibly vital in the creation of NFPA 3000 (PS); Standard for An Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program.  This first of its kind body of knowledge is already helping authorities every day - and EMS providers are very much a part of this planning, response and recovery process!


We encourage you to embrace this year's theme, "Stronger Together".  We believe that our EMS providers play a vital role in society; and our association is grateful for the insight and input that is so readily offered by the EMS community when it comes to updating existing documents and creating new guides and standards that increase coordination, safety, and the capability of our emergency responders.


From all of us at the NFPA, thank you for everything you do every day.