Is NFPA doing away with NFPA 15 Standard for Water Spray Fixed Systems?

Blog Post created by david.hague Employee on Jul 18, 2018

During the First Draft Meeting for the 2016 edition of NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems the Correlating Committee for NFPA 13 instructed all Sprinkler Technical Committees to develop a plan for streamlining the standard to make it easier to follow; indicating that there are redundancies throughout the standard that have increased the length of the document without adding clarification of the requirements. Since that time a reformatting task group has been diligently working to completely reformat NFPA 13 to follow the logic behind designing a sprinkler system.


In my recent NFPA live session I discussed many of these formatting changes. I received this follow-up question from a member. I'm sharing it here with you. I hope you find some value in it.


I'll also be offering a full webinar tomorrow, Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 1:00-2:00 pm EDT on NFPA 13, 2016-2019 Changes. This webinar is open for free to all who register. Be sure to join me!


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