Journal NOW: Read NFPA Journal's coverage of the Hawaii volcanic eruptions as situation becomes more dire

Blog Post created by averzoni Employee on Jul 26, 2018

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Last week, nearly two dozen people were injured when what was described as "a lava bomb" collided with a tour boat in Hawaii. Lava flowing into the ocean exploded, sending large, heavy chunks of hot rock into the air, some of which crashed through the roof of a nearby tour boat, which was intentionally bringing passengers close to where lava meets the sea, according to USA Today.  
Scientists say the eruptions from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island, which have been occurring since May, could go on for months or even years longer. NFPA Journal detailed the early months of the devastation in "Kilauea Calamity," the lead article of the July/August issue's Dispatches section. 
Primarily, the article focuses on how one power plant on Hawaii Island narrowly evaded disaster as a wall of lava encroached on its 11 geothermal wells in June. The efforts to keep the wells safe showed elements of what documents like NFPA 1600, Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations Programs, address. "At least one part of NFPA 1600, which advises facility managers to have vendors available to provide parts on relatively short notice, was displayed by Hawaii emergency management officials and [power plant] staff," the article reads. "They had to quickly retrieve the parts to cap the wells from offsite—the final step in securing them—and they were able to do so before the lava got too close."
Read the full article at nfpa.org/dispatches