Designers, installers and AHJs: What you need to know about changes to NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

Blog Post created by barrychase Employee on Aug 7, 2018

In a recent webinar, industry expert and fire protection engineer, Merton Bunker, discussed significant ways NFPA 72 has changed and why. The information provides not only a great way for you to learn about the changes, but how they could also affect your job.Throughout the webinar, Bunker specifically talks about key changes aimed at designers, installers and AHJs, such as:


  • How to locate and apply the new carbon monoxide detector and alarm requirements
  • How to locate and apply the new testing requirements for Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • How to locate new requirements for HVLS fans
  • How to identify new requirements for air-sampling smoke detectors


The recording also covers the code's new mounting height requirements for fire alarm control units, new requirements for Class N circuit protection, and new document storage requirements, and more.


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