Journal NOW: New November/December NFPA Journal includes summary of 2017 U.S. firefighter injury report

Blog Post created by scottsutherland Employee on Nov 8, 2018


The number of firefighters injured in the line of duty in 2017 was the lowest since NFPA began analyzing this data in 1981.


That’s one of the findings in the summary of a new NFPA report, “U.S. Firefighter Injuries in 2017,” that appears in the new November/December issue of NFPA Journal.


The report found that an estimated 58,835 firefighter injuries occurred in the line of duty last year, a decrease of 5 percent compared to the previous year and the lowest number observed in more than three and a half decades of studying this data.


Firefighters were more likely to be injured at fireground operations than at other types of duties, according to the report. In 2017, 24,495 injuries, or 42 percent of all reported firefighter injuries, occurred at the fireground. Another 12,240 firefighter injuries occurred at non-fire emergencies. Additionally, 9,165 firefighter injuries occurred during other on-duty activities, 8,380 injuries occurred during training activities, and 4,555 injuries occurred while responding to or returning from an incident.


The November/December issue of the magazine also includes a summary of the “Large-Loss Fires and Explosions in 2017” report.