Free webinar on “Applying reliability based decision making to ITM frequency”

Blog Post created by sranganathan Employee on Dec 5, 2018
Many NFPA codes and standards specify the minimum requirements for periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of fire protection systems, but the need for a more data-based approach to ITM frequencies is growing as NFPA develops new documents that involve integrated systems (e.g., NFPA 4). This webinar will address related key issues, including establishing a data framework that standardizes the data collection format, submission process, data security parameters, and data analysis procedures. This is an ongoing effort and there is a need for additional work to be done to collect, evaluate and correlate fire protection system reliability data with existing code requirements. The Research Foundation facilitated a project titled “Applying Reliability Based Decision Making to ITM Frequency” and the project report is available on the FPRF website.
When: Wednesday, December 12, 12:30-2:00 pm ET
· Casey Grant, P.E., Fire Protection Research Foundation, 
· Francisco Joglar, Ph.D., Jensen Hughes,
· Victor Ontiveros, Ph.D., Jensen Hughes,
· Gayle Pennel, P.E., Jensen Hughes. 
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