New project on remote inspections seeking committee members

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Jan 22, 2019
The NFPA Standards Council approved a new project to develop requirements for the performance and use of remote methodologies, systems and components (including digital video, digital images, digital audio, among others) whether live or submitted as an electronic file for subsequent review to conduct remote inspections of buildings, structures, systems (e.g. electrical, HVAC, fire protection, etc.) and premises including underground spaces and aerial areas. Requirements for collection, custody and maintenance of data available from remote inspections shall also be the responsibility of this Technical Committee.
The Council further directed that a call for members interested in serving on the new technical committee on remote inspections be published.  Staff will return to the Council, in April, with a proposed start-up roster.  
If interested in participating in standards development regarding remote inspections as a technical committee member, please submit an application by February 27, 2019.  Submit online application