Open RFP for "Fire and Emergency Service Personnel Knowledge and Skills Proficiency"

Blog Post created by sranganathan Employee on Jan 31, 2019

With a few local exceptions, certification of fire and emergency services personnel is conducted on a voluntary basis by public sector or government agencies. Present NFPA Professional Qualification System Standards, upon which are based the international certification systems (e.g., accredited by the Pro Board®), do not contain a requirement for maintaining proficiency on a stated interval. Due to the criticality of credentialing of emergency services personnel, and the fact that the Standards upon which certification is based change on a regular basis, there is a need to determine if fire and emergency services personnel need and/or should be required to undergo some other process to demonstrate continued knowledge and skills proficiency on a stated interval so as to maintain the proficiency.


To this end The Research Foundation has issued an RFP for a project contractor for the Fire and Emergency Service Personnel Knowledge and Skills Proficiency research project.


The goal of this research project is to identify, clarify and evaluate the characteristics of a transitional process for Fire and Emergency Services personnel, designed to ensure continued demonstration of knowledge and skill proficiency against a given level of credentialing, including an impact assessment of implementation.


This research program will be conducted under the auspices of the Research Foundation in accordance with Foundation Policies and will be guided by a Project Technical Panel who will provide input to the project, review periodic reports of progress and research results, and review the final project report. The Research Foundation will engage a contractor with appropriate technical expertise to conduct the project.


You can find the RFP on the Foundation website. The deadline for proposals is 7 February 2019 at 5pm Eastern time.