A better understanding of NFPA 70E: Public Comment phase opens soon

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NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® has been processed through the First Draft stage and will soon be open for public comment. The first draft will be posted on or before February 27, 2019 allowing you to review what occurred during the First Draft. When the first draft is posted it will be available at


The 332 submitted public inputs resulted in 86 revisions being made to the standard. A majority of revisions added informational notes to help explain requirements that many were having trouble understanding or to provide additional guidance on where to find pertinent information.


If your submitted input received a reply of Reject But See from the technical committee it means that your idea or concept was included but it was not possible to use the wording as you had submitted. Also, the information from all public inputs on a single requirement are addressed as one revision. This often requires combining the concepts proposed by several inputs to develop a single requirement. This also results in a Reject But See response to all affected public inputs since each may have had different changes. The first revisions created by such inputs should be reviewed to make sure the concept of your input was incorporated in a way to resolve your concern with the standard or the requirement.


Remember that the first draft only contains the changes made to the standard. There were 332 proposed changes submitted for consideration. You should review the public inputs, including those from others, to see if there was something submitted that did not result in a change. Sometimes a submitted comment provides necessary information or further clarifies a concern or requirement. It is not unusual for a comment on a rejected public input to lead to a second revision due to this additional information. Note that without a submitted comment on a particular public input, this second draft stage will be your last chance to have that public input reconsidered.


As a final note, essentially new information or a new requirement cannot be added during the Second Draft stage. However, this does not mean that changes cannot be made. Anything added in the second draft process must be based on something that occurred during the first draft. Changes may also be made if a first revision made another subsequent change necessary during the second draft.


You and your colleagues have ideas on how to better protect yourself or your employees from the electrical hazards faced during a work day. You are the ones who need to understand how to apply the requirements. Everyone wants to make it home safely today. As previously stated in my blogs before - it is your standard. Be a part of it.


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Next time: Verification of manufacturer’s PPE ratings.


Please Note: Any comments, suggested text changes, or technical issues related to NFPA Standards posted or raised in this communication are not submissions to the NFPA standards development process and therefore will not be considered by the technical committee(s) responsible for NFPA Standards development. To learn how to participate in the NFPA standards development process and submit proposed text for consideration by the responsible technical committee(s), please go to for instructions.