Journal NOW: Experts say government shutdown could spell trouble for 2019 wildfire season

Blog Post created by averzoni Employee on Feb 25, 2019

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Although the longest-ever partial federal government shutdown is over, having spanned from late December through late January, wildfire experts still fear it could have an impact on the upcoming wildfire season in America. A new NFPA Journal article, "The Cost of Shutting Down," details all of the potential consequences of halting government activity. 

While most mainstream media coverage of such consequences has focused on the canceled trainings and prescribed burns resulting from the shutdown, the Journal piece delves a bit deeper, highlighting less-obvious impacts such as the gap the shutdown caused in much-needed communication between wildfire experts on a global scale.

"Fire scientists and managers not allowed to go to conferences means, for instance, that those involved in the big Camp Fire [in California in November] do not have the opportunity to exchange information with people involved in analyzing the Greek or Portuguese wildfires," one wildfire expert from the Netherlands says in the story. "Despite the differences there are so many parallels between fires and we scientists need to exchange information to learn."

Read the full article here, and look for more new content from NFPA Journal online next week.