Learn about the Standards Development Process with the 2019 NFPA Standards Directory 

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Apr 8, 2019

Disasters can occur anywhere, and they often occur when we least expect it. NFPA standards provide ways to prevent their occurrence, manage their impact, and protect society. One of the most notable features of NFPA’s standards development process is that it is a full, open, consensus-based process. “Full consensus” means that anybody can participate and expect fair and equal treatment because safety is everybody’s business.

What's more, NFPA Standards are used throughout the world. Whether a computer room in the Pentagon, a research station in Antarctica, a power plant in the Middle East, the space shuttle, the hometown dry cleaner, or a historical library in Scotland, NFPA Standards are used every day to saves lives and protect property.

To this end, NFPA is pleased to announce that the 2019 edition of the NFPA Standards Directory is now available to download, for free. The Directory contains great information including:

  • An overview of the full standards development process
  • The Regulations Governing the Development of NFPA Standards, Technical Meeting Convention Rules, and other procedures
  • Members of the Board of Directors, Standards Council, Advisory Committees, and Committees (with scope and responsibilities)
  • Additional contact information and resources

NFPA mission's is accomplished by advocating consensus standards, research, training, and education for safety-related issues. Learn more about the process and how you can get involved. Download your free copy of the NFPA Standards Directory today.