A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: Second Draft Meeting

Blog Post created by ccoache Employee on May 21, 2019

You are reading this blog so you must be concerned with electrical safety in the workplace. Did you submit a public input to NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® last year? Have you gone to the NFPA 70E website to see what happened to that public input? The public comment closing date has passed. Whether your public input resulted in a first revision or was not included in the standard, has anyone in the world submitted a public comment to re-address your input at the second draft meeting? Soon you will be able to see what the public had to say about the public inputs and the proposed changes that occurred during the first draft stage. 

There are 115 public comments submitted that will be addressed at the second draft meeting. A quick review of the distribution of submitted comments shows that Section 120.5 has received the most comments. Every comment will be addressed at the second draft meeting. NFPA meetings are open to the public which means you are invited whether or not you submitted a public input or public comment. The public is invited to Indianapolis, Indiana on July 16th-19th, 2019 to witness what happens at thesecond draft meeting. I look forward to seeing you in Indy.

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