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In Texas, the State Fire Marshal's Office has adopted the 2015 editions of both NFPA 101 and NFPA 1, with some noted exceptions. From their website, “The Life Safety Code® determines the design, construction and operation of occupied buildings. When other codes are utilized for building design elements, the standards of the Life Safety Code® prevail…. NFPA 1 is used by the State Fire Marshal’s Office staff when conducting inspections within their authority.”


Attendees Talking at NFPA Conference & Expo


Fortunately, inspectors from Texas don’t have to travel far to further their knowledge of the fire code and how to inspect for current code requirements as well as learn about upcoming, emerging code issues that will very soon be impacting the fire code community. Next week is NFPA’s flagship event, the Conference & Expo and is being held this year in San Antonio, TX. There will be over 130 educational sessions offered for the week along with other special events highlighting areas of fire protection, life safety, building construction and public education. To see the full details of the event (not too late to make last minute plans, regardless of where you are traveling from!), check out the Conference & Expo page.


If you plan to be at the event here is a list of some educational sessions (and their relationship to NFPA 1) that may be of interest to you as a fire inspector to further your knowledge about Fire Code related issues, use and enforcement. To see a full description of each session you can visit the Conference & Expo page or click on the individual links below.    

Hazardous Materials and Processes:

X09. NFPA 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code — Production Facility Compliance (NFPA 30 is second only to NFPA 101 with the number of sections extracted into NFPA 1. The Code extracts over 1400 sections from NFPA 30 including definitions, mandated provisions and explanatory Annex sections)

T68. When Uber Meets Octane: Fire Code Requirements for On-Demand Fueling (NFPA 1 added requirements for on-demand mobile fueling via a Tentative Interim Amendment to the 2018 edition of the Code?)

T69. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) — Safety Considerations (NFPA 1 added a new chapter on additive manufacturing to the First Draft and will continue to discuss the topic throughout the remainder of the 2021 Code revision cycle)

W02. Flammable Refrigerants Regulations: Past, Present, and Future (Flammable refrigerants have been a topic of discussion by the technical committee for the last couple of Code revision cycles. The Code currently addresses these in Chapter 53.)

W16. NFPA 33 Spray Finishing Requirements — Practical Application from Autobody Shops to Yachts (Chapter 43 of NFPA 1 addresses operations involving the spray application of flammable and combustible materials and required compliance with NFPA 33. The Code extracts about 17 pages of material from NFPA 33 so it is important for fire inspectors to be aware of process that can occur in a number of different occupancies. )


W18. NFPA 30A and NFPA 58: Safe Refueling of Propane Autogas Vehicles (The Code extracts extensive requirements from both NFPA 30A and NFPA 58 that related to this topic.)

Fire Protection Systems:

T16. NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems — Test Your Knowledge (NFPA 1 extracts from NFPA 13 and requires fire inspectors to be familiar with automatic sprinkler system operation.)

X10. What’s Wrong with This Picture? Identifying Water-Based System Deficiencies (NFPA 25 is the governing document for the inspection of water-based fire protection systems and is also extracted into NFPA 1.)

X17. Sprinkler System FAQs and Q&A (See notes above.)

Building and Life Safety:

M06. Enforcing the Extraordinary: Codes, Standards, and Best Practices for the Entertainment Industry (The Fire Code addresses all occupancies and special uses. Various sections throughout the Code will be needed to ensure building and occupant safety for entertainment events.)

P09. NFPA 241—Setting the Standard for Safeguarding Construction Operations (Chapter 16 of the Code addresses safeguarding construction and demolition operations and extracts from NFPA 241.)

P10. ASHER: A Public Session on Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (NFPA 1 along with other model codes such as life safety and building codes will be addressing the balance of fire and life safety with security from non-fire events for years to come. Compliance with both NFPA 3000 as well as model codes will no doubt overlap and working together as a community is critical for occupant safety.)

T59. NFPA 3000™ (PS): Community Threat Assessment and Response Preparedness (See note above.)

W49. Fire and Life Safety for Large Festivals (Large festivals are likely classified as assembly occupancies and can present unique challenges to a fire inspectors. With festival season upon us, NFPA 1 and the inspector play a critical role in keeping people safe during these events.)


M14 - NFPA 1 - Requisitos de Ocupaciones Especiales (Special Occupancy Requirements) (NFPA 1 addresses occupancy specific provisions for fire protection systems, egress requirements, interior finish, and other processes and operations that can be found in many occupancies.)

M18. Consumer Fireworks — A Review of Recent Large-Scale Fire Tests (In August 2014, a TIA was issued in conjunction with a Standards Council decision to temporarily withdraw NFPA 1124 and end all NFPA standards development activities relating to the storage and retail sales of consumer fireworks. Since then, a 2017 edition of the standard was issued but without any provisions related to consumer fireworks in its scope.)


M19. A New Standard for Energy Storage Systems: NFPA 855 (NFPA 1 will extract from NFPA 855 if it is issued by the Standards Council this summer. Critical and necessary requirements for fire inspectors related to energy storage systems will be added to the 2021 edition.)

X16 - The NFPA® Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem (The Fire and Life Safety Ecosystem cannot function effectively without an effective regulatory environment, use of referenced codes and standards, and effective code compliance, all cogs where fire inspectors can play a critical role in the safety of buildings, occupants and responders.)


We want to hear from you. Are you planning to attend the Conference next week in San Antonio? If this is your first NFPA Conference & Expo, what are you looking forward to the most? What educational sessions do you believe will bring you the most value as a Fire Inspector? Check back in here after the Conference and let us know what you thought and how we can further help you do your job.

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