Research Foundation Seeks Proposals for a Project on the Impact of Elevated Walkways on Sprinkler Protection in Storage

Blog Post created by amandakimball Employee on Jul 2, 2019

Solid and open metal grate walkways are often installed in aisles as part of rack storage.  Further, open metal grates are also used as mezzanine levels above storage.  There is little information on how these walkway and mezzanine installations impact current storage protection requirements.  When is this type of installation considered a problem from a sprinkler protection standpoint?  At what point do walkways interfere with pre-wetting of adjacent arrays?  There is a need to compile available information and develop a research plan on this topic.

To address this, the Fire Protection Research Foundation has issued an RFP to conduct a literature review and develop a research plan on  the impact of elevated walkways in storage on sprinkler protection.  This research program will be conducted under the auspices of the Research Foundation in accordance with Foundation Policies and will be guided by a Project Technical Panel who will provide input to the project, review periodic reports of progress and research results, and review the final project report. The Research Foundation will engage a contractor with appropriate technical expertise to conduct the project.

You can find the Request for Proposals (RFP) on the Foundation website. The deadline for proposals is July 22, 2019 at 5pm Eastern time.