Help Reduce the Risk of Fire on College Campuses During Campus Fire Safety Month in September

Blog Post created by pstaples Employee on Aug 29, 2019

September means new classes, new friends, and often new living spaces. NFPA and The Center for Campus Fire Safety are partnering up this year to help ensure those living spaces are as safe as possible, and you can help!

The goal of the “Campus Fire Safety for Students” campaign is to raise awareness about the threat of fire in both on- and off-campus housing, and provide relevant information and action steps for campus staff, parents, and students. According to NFPA, September and October have the highest incidences for fires in dormitories, so the best time to prepare is now! The following tips are a great place to start:

  • Have an evacuation plan and practice it as if it were the real thing. Know two ways out of every room.  
  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking. Never leave cooking equipment unattended, even briefly.
  • Test smoke alarms monthly in an apartment or house. Ensure smoke alarms are installed in all sleeping areas, outside of all sleeping areas, and on every level of the apartment or house. In dorms, make sure each sleeping room has a smoke alarm or the dormitory suite has a smoke alarm in each living area as well as the sleeping rooms. NEVER remove or disable smoke alarms.
  • Keep combustible items away from heat sources and never overload electrical outlets, extension cords, or power strips. Many fires are caused by portable lights and heat sources, like space heaters and halogen lamps.
  • Keep common areas and hallways free of possessions and debris.

Campaign resources include videos, checklists, infographics, tip sheets, and more, and are designed to be shared through social media, school newspapers, college websites, and posted in dormitory common areas. Learn preventative actions that can save lives. Share the information with people you know. Keeping campuses safe from fire is a collaborative effort; help us foster a culture of awareness and preparedness by starting today.

Learn more about the “Campus Fire Safety for Students” campaign and find additional resources at or on The Center’s website.