Examining the 2020 NEC: A Webinar to Focus on Your Code-Related Questions

Blog Post created by jsargent Employee on Nov 13, 2019

Even with the completion of the 2020 NEC, NFPA continues to receive a lot of great questions regarding the key changes to this edition. That’s why I’m pleased to invite you to participate in our upcoming webinar on December 4, 2019 where I’ll examine the issues and address your questions.


Like with most webinars, there will be a “formal” part of the presentation but there's a whole lot more, too. For the majority of the webinar, you’ll be able to ask the questions that have been on your mind and I’ll take the time to answer. It’s a great opportunity to hear from your peers in the field as well get clarification on parts of the code you’re having difficulty with.


Some of the major changes to the NEC that we’ll discuss include:


  • Article 100 – Revision to the definition of service
  • 310.3(A) - Revised to include a voltage rating threshold up to 2000 volts to correlate with the relocation of medium voltage requirements to new Article 311
  • 210.8 - Revision to clarify how proximate measurement for GFCI protection is made
  • Table 220.12 – Revisions to the general lighting load table
  • 250.25 - New section covers requirements for grounding and bonding of supply-side disconnects
  • 314.27 (C) - Revision requires outlet boxes mounted in ceilings of habitable rooms in dwelling units to be provided with a box listed for ceiling fan support where a ceiling fan may be installed

But remember, the majority of questions and requests for information will come from all of you. So I invite you to join us to learn more about the changes that affect the way you use the code every day. Don’t miss out! Check out our webpage for the details and register today. I look forward to hearing from you!