Open Request for Proposals for “Cybersecurity of Fire Protection Systems”

Blog Post created by vhutchison Employee on Dec 11, 2019


Fire protection systems are increasingly networked to Building Control Systems (BCS), Internet of Things (IoT), and other platforms that are, by design or oversight, exposed to the public-facing Internet. This emerging environment could lead to unique and novel cyber vulnerabilities, and attacks on fire protection systems have the potential to have significant consequences. However, a thorough understanding of cybersecurity issues related to fire protection systems is lacking. The expansiveness of these vulnerabilities, the severity of the consequences, and the awareness of the fire protection community of these vulnerabilities is not well understood.


The Fire Protection Research Foundation recently distributed a new “Request for Proposals” for a project contractor to address this issue. The goal of this current project is to assess the cybersecurity threats of fire protection systems connected to BCS, IoT, and other potential Internet-facing platforms.


Please see the attached PDF for the scope of work or go to the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s website at www.nfpa.org/foundation for more information. Please submit your proposals by January 10, 2020 at 5:00pm EST.