Free webinar on “Fuel Load Survey Methodology in Buildings”

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Free webinar on “Fuel Load Survey Methodology in Buildings”

When: Thursday, April 2, 2020, 12:30-2:00 pm ET.

Presenters: Dr. Negar Elhami-Khorasani, The State University of New York Buffalo, and Dr. Thomas Gernay, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering


As the use of performance-based methodologies evolve, it is becoming critically important to identify, characterize, and quantify design fires for buildings. NFPA 557, Standard for Determination of Fire Loads for Use in Structural Fire Protection Design, was developed to provide fire load data for structural fire protection design. NFPA 557 calls for the use of either occupancy-based fuel load data or surveying fuel load density. Fuel load surveys using current methodologies are a substantial undertaking, which has resulted in the availability of only very limited fuel load data. Thus, occupancy specific fuel load data is currently very limited within NFPA 557. More efficient fuel load survey methodologies are needed to develop fuel load data for a variety of building occupancies. This presentation will present the results of the Research Foundation project to develop a prototype fuel load survey methodology with a focus on efficiency to facilitate the development of fuel load data for a variety of building occupancies. The methodology is intended to consider the necessary accuracy of the fuel load data to allow for efficient data collection. A final report from the study is available from the Research Foundation Website.


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Research Foundation Webinar Series 2020 is supported by: American Wood Council; Edwards Fire & Life Safety; Johnson Controls; Telgian Engineering and Consulting; The Zurich Services Corporation.