PODCAST: Crisis Standards of Care

Blog Post created by jesseroman Employee on Apr 7, 2020


A new NFPA Journal Podcast examining crisis standards of care is out now. Listen and subscribe today wherever you get your podcasts.


The United States now has more Covid-19 cases than anywhere in the world and in many places demand for EMS services is far exceeding the current resources of our health care and EMS system. One solution that agencies have to deal with the onslaught of patients is adopting what are called crisis standards of care—adjustments to normal standards and protocols of operation in order to handle a crisis situation like the one we are seeing around the world today.


In the first segment of the podcast, we play you key snippets from a webinar hosted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s office of EMS. The webinar brought together three EMS operations and legal experts who spoke about how and why agencies are tweaking their operations during this COVID emergency, and what precautions are put in place. They also get into questions like: How can agencies implement new crisis standards without negatively impacting patient care or responder safety; and, what are the legal ramifications for departments, responders, and volunteers?


In the second segment, NFPA specialist John Montes talks about some examples of crisis measures being taken throughout the world right now as emergency agencies combat the COVID pandemic.


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