New podcast explores community risk reduction and COVID-19

Blog Post created by averzoni Employee on Apr 23, 2020

When COVID-19 first made landfall in the United States in late February, it immediately took a heavy toll on the Life Care Center nursing home in Kirkland, Washington, where elderly residents began falling ill and dying from the disease by the dozens. According to the New York Times, one fifth of all coronavirus deaths in the US have been nursing home residents. The elderly are a particularly vulnerable group to this disease. But they're not the only one. Numerous reports have shown that black as well as Latin and Native American communities have been hit particularly hard, too.


With trends like these known, communities that have access to data on their demographics, population density, and other attributes will inevitably be better off during situations like the coronavirus pandemic than those that don't—it's an important aspect of community risk reduction, or CRR. A new episode of the NFPA Journal Podcast explores this idea. 


"We've been in touch with a number of communities to hear how they're using risk assessments and data to combat this pandemic," Chelsea Rubadou, a CRR strategist at NFPA, says in the podcast. "A number of communities do have risk assessments in place and they've found that they are valuable during this outbreak." 


The episode—Community Risk Reduction and COVID-19—is the fifth podcast the NFPA Journal team has released during the coronavirus pandemic. The previous four have explored topics ranging from responder safety during the pandemic to health care patient surge, and can be listened to for free here


In June, the NFPA Journal Podcast will be transformed into the NFPA Podcast, a broader, longer, and more frequent series. More information on that project will be available in the May/June issue of NFPA Journal.