Full Webinar Now Available: Modern Vehicle Hazards in Parking Structures and Vehicle Carriers      

Blog Post created by vhutchison Employee on Jun 10, 2020

Vehicles have changed significantly over the years. Modern vehicles present new hazards due to the incorporation of larger quantities of combustible materials (e.g. fuels, plastics, and synthetic materials) into their designs. As the popularity of alternative fuel vehicles has grown, concerns regarding their unique hazards, burn characteristics, and typical burn duration have been raised. Modern parking garages have optimized space requirements for vehicle parking and storage, and often implement automated retrieval features and car stacking, which also present unique hazards.


This recent webinar summarized an on-going Fire Protection Research Foundation study looking at how the burn characteristics of modern vehicles have changed, the influence of dense parking structures and vehicle carriers on the fire spread hazard, a review of the applicability of the existing fire protection requirements to these new hazards, and recommendations for fire protection strategies to address these hazards going forward.


Presenters: Haavard Boehmer and Mike Klassen, Combustion Science & Engineering


Full webinar is available here.