New NFPA LiNK will provide situation-based code information and insights across any device

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Aug 4, 2020


NFPA LiNK, a new digital content on demand platform, was introduced during a virtual product reveal today.

NFPA LiNK is designed to deliver intuitive, seamless, code-based information to those responsible for building, electrical and life safety via mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or preferred devices. NFPA LiNK is set to transform NFPA from a 124-year-old book publisher to a globally connected information and knowledge provider.

For more than a century, people have turned to National Fire Protection Association codes and standards to do their jobs efficiently and effectively; but in recent years, NFPA has seen a shift in the ways that people learn and work. Today’s workforce does not find a physical book or a static digital version of a book the best means to help solve problems on a real-time basis. Instead, professionals, practitioners, and policy makers want to connect the dots on safety, and glean real-world, real-time understanding.


“NFPA stakeholders want code information and insights faster than ever before,” Jim Pauley, NFPA president and CEO said. “I am convinced that NFPA LiNK will help revolutionize safety through better access to more robust information.”

The first iteration of NFPA LiNK will feature the National Electrical Code and electrical content, followed by building and life safety and fire protection codes; the goal is to have all 300-plus NFPA codes and standards in NFPA LiNK by the end of 2021. Additional resources will then be added, and new features will be unveiled on a regular basis.

At full development, NFPA LiNK subscribers can look forward to:


  • accessing the full set of NFPA codes and standards and when new editions are released, subscriptions will be automatically updated
  • using situation-based navigation to easily find the information needed
  • aggregating information across NFPA codes and standards to better understand and access insights that apply to a given situation
  • adding personal notations to NFPA codes and standards and having those notes automatically carried over when codes are updated
  • bookmarking, color-coding sections, saving key information, and sharing sections and subsections with other subscribers and non-subscribers


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