Review the First Draft Reports to submit comments on 11 of the Emergency Response and Responder Safety (ERRS) Standards in a custom Annual 2021 revision cycle

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Aug 6, 2020

The First Draft Reports for 11 of the NFPA Emergency Response and Responder Safety (ERRS) Standards in a custom Annual 2021 revision schedule are available. Review the First Draft Reports for use as background in the submission of public comments.


To submit a public comment using the online submission system, use the List of NFPA codes & standards to search for the Standard or select the link below in the list. Once on the document page, select the link "Submit a Public Comment" to begin the process. You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account with NFPA before using this system. If you have any questions when using the system, a chat feature is available or contact us by email or phone at 1-800-344-3555.


The deadline to submit a public comment through the online system on these Standards is October 9, 2020:


  • NFPA 470, Hazardous Materials Standards for Responders
  • NFPA 475, Recommended Practice for Organizing, Managing, and Sustaining a Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Program
  • NFPA 1000, Standard for Fire Service Professional Qualifications Accreditation and Certification Systems
  • NFPA 1033, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator
  • NFPA 1140, Standards for Wildland Firefighting
  • NFPA 1142, Standard on Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting
  • NFPA 1145, Guide for the Use of Class A Foams in Fire Fighting
  • NFPA 1225, Standards for Emergency Services Communications
  • NFPA 1891, Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Hazardous Materials Clothing and Equipment
  • NFPA 1990, Standards for Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Material and Emergency Medical Operations
  • NFPA 2500, Standards for Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents and Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services


The First Draft Report serves as documentation of the Input Stage and is published for public review and comment. The First Draft Report contains a compilation of the First Draft of the NFPA Standard, First Revisions, Public Input, Committee Input, Committee Statements, and Ballot Results and Statements. Where applicable, the First Draft Report also contains First Correlating Revisions, Correlating Notes, and Correlating Input.