NEC Online Training Series consistent with the 2020 edition; features grounding, bonding, motors and HVAC equipment

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Aug 13, 2020

The way people work and learn has changed considerably in recent years, and particularly, in the months since COVID-19 took hold in the United States. NFPA has been following this trend for years and mobilizing to meet distance learning demands in a variety of ways so that a broad range of stakeholders can stay current on workplace information and knowledge.

One such way of learning is the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code (NEC) Online Training Series which includes seven different modules ideally suited for members of the electrical, enforcement and maintenance communities. The training emphasizes safe and compliant electrical installation and design while helping students to locate, interpret, and apply requirements in the ever-evolving NEC. The online training challenges learners to apply the NEC, reference tables and complete calculations; it features instructional presentations, interactive exercises, and an integrated set of scenario-based activities.

Electrical system designers, electrical engineers, electrical contractors, safety engineers, installation and maintenance professionals, manufacturers, electrical inspectors, facility maintenance personnel, and project managers will learn how NEC compliance helps provide electrical safety in commercial, and industrial applications. Previous versions of the training centered around the 2014 and 2017 editions of the NEC. The new version has been updated for consistency with the 2020 edition of the code and includes high-demand topics such as grounding, bonding, motors and HVAC equipment. Students will assess what they learn during an interactive renovation project of a high school built to the 1981 version of the code; a Capstone component at the end of each module also allows students to confirm their grasp of course content.

Over a span of 10 self-paced hours, students will learn to:


  • Describe NEC general requirements for the execution of work
  • Identify the requirements for determining minimum conductor size and calculating load
  • Determine the requirements for routing conductors and securing raceways
  • Define and describe the elements of grounded and ungrounded systems
  • Identify equipment grounding and bonding requirements
  • Identify types and functions of overcurrent protective devices
  • Determine ratings and requirements for motors and HVAC systems
  • Upon successfully passing an online assessment, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion.


The NEC has been around since 1897 and it continues to evolve with the times. It is enforced in various editions in all 50 states and referred to in jurisdictions all around the world. A skilled workforce, utilizing the knowledgeable in the NEC, is paramount to ensuring the protection of people and property from electrical hazards.