International Fire Safety Journal Shines Spotlight on NFPA Innovation

Blog Post created by cthompson Employee on Oct 6, 2020

As the premier organization dedicated to eliminating fire and related risks to life and property, NFPA consistently approaches safety with an ambitious, dynamic lens. After nearly 125 years of helping to reduce loss in our world, so much has changed, but in an inaugural International Fire Safety Journal(IFSJ) article, NFPA president & CEO Jim Pauley provided insights on ways that NFPA is providing value in a new era.IFSJ Strengthening Code Safety article cover


Throughout the world, local, state, and federal authorities apply NFPA codes and standards to reduce risk, but with high-profile international disasters, COVID-19, and new technologies constantly emerging, simply resting on a long legacy isn’t enough. The key is an approach that is collaborative, proactive, nimble, and responsive. “Like any business organization, you must adapt and adjust – our codes and standards are updated with time, typically revised every three years or so. Having correct codes and standards is critical to meeting the fire safety demands of today,” Pauley states.


NFPA has been busy responding to and anticipating the needs of fire and life safety professionals across the globe since 1896, when a group of insurance executives in the Boston area were looking for a solution for the numerous ways that sprinklers were being installed in the new, industrialized world. More than a century later, NFPA is still working with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to provide safety benchmarks for persistent hazards, emerging issues and new technologies.


Check out the IFSJ article to learn how NFPA is working to address new hazards, make innovative technologies safe for the public and responders, adding value in the digital age; and raising the bar on fire, electrical, and building and life safety.