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NFPA is continuing its efforts to provide data solutions to the enforcement community. This week we launched Phase II training of “PIP” - a tool for Property Inspection Prioritization. PIP uses an artificial intelligence approach – in other words, it is based on the collective wisdom of those in the enforcement community who have agreed to participate in its training. In the past few months, we have successfully completed our “Round 1” training and testing. Preliminary tests showed that “PIP” is an effective decision assist tool to help AHJ’s prioritize fire inspections based on multiple risk factors. To ensure the PIP tool is robust and reliable, we have reached out to the members of the International Fire Marshals Association (IFMA) to further refine and train the tool.

IFMA members who participate will be presented with 50 randomly generated “test” properties that need to be inspected. Each property will have varying levels of risk factors. Based on their expertise and experience, they will choose the 20 properties that have the highest priority need for inspection, based on risk. The “PIP” tool “learns” from these choices.

The result will be a decision support tool for enforcers who are faced with these decisions every day. We welcome your feedback; contact the NFPA PIP team at

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