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David_Ward_OptimistHello, fellow fire protection professionals.  As CFPS Chair I bring greetings from the entire Board, with hopes that you are having a fire-safe summer, and are having an opportunity to enjoy some vacation time.  We held our annual meeting at the NFPA Conference & Expo® in early June, and I have some news and developments from that meeting to share with you.

The immediate past-chair, Bruce Clarke has previously informed us all of the election results, and the addition of two new Directors to the Board.  But this is important information worth repeating: We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to retiring Directors, Ray Lonabaugh (after untold years of service to the organization), and Chris Butts (who served faithfully on the Board from 2010 thru 2014). It was my great privilege to present plaques to these two gentlemen at the annual Certificate Holders Meeting, in recognition of their service. While we regret saying goodbye to those individuals, we welcome two new Directors, elected this spring and sworn in at the annual meeting: Frank L. Keisler of Duluth, Georgia, and Kevin Sluss, of Dothan, Alabama. Welcome, gentlemen.

Obviously I am the “new-guy” in the Chairman’s seat.  I have been greatly blessed and honored to be elected to the Board for a final term, and to have been selected as Chair.  I have very big shoes to fill in the absence of Bruce Clarke, who served in this capacity for the past 5 years.  I am deeply grateful that Bruce is sticking around for a while to show me the ropes; and equally grateful that he will continue to do a great job of maintaining the CFPS page on LinkedIn. We have a tremendous following there, both Certificate Holders and future certificate holders, and it’s a great credit to Bruce’s leadership for helping that grow into the force that it has.

At our main, annual meeting each year, we always review and analyze the sheer numbers of the program as tabulated by our 3rd party administrator, NFPA. We are pleased to report continued growth in the organization. Figure 1 illustrates the growth in certificate holders over the years. Looking ahead to the future of the organization, of course it is our mission to see those numbers continue to increase. But with additional focus on marketing and reaching young fire protection professionals around the world, we wish to make that growth curve steeper.

Figure 1 – CFPS Program Growth Year/Year


In Figure 2 you may find interest in the number of CFPS Certificate Holders by state.  You’ll notice we have reached 49 of the 50 United States now, and it is our hope that North Dakota will come around pretty soon. With heavy energy exploration and production in North Dakota, perhaps that next CFPS from ND is already in the process of becoming certified. If one of you happens to relocate to North Dakota, please notify us of your updated address so we can check that milestone off our bucket list!

Figure 2 – CFPS Certificate Holders by State (US) & Province (Canada)



Finally, in Figure 3 we see that we are clearly no longer just a U.S. credential.  A full 9% of our Certificants are now from outside the United States, and we see that percentage to continue to grow each year.  Our charge as the Board of Directors is to recognize that growth potential, and to find ways to cultivate it.

Figure 3 – CFPS Certificate Holders Worldwide


Also at our annual Board meeting, we were fortunate to hear the presentation by longtime Certificate Holder and Director John Waters, on the history of CFPS. He also presented the historical overview to at the Certificate Holders Meeting.  John did an outstanding job of putting this material together, calling on the resources of John Strouse, Ray Lonabaugh, and other long-timers. We are working on possibly posting a video of his presentation, or a narrated slideshow in the near future. Keep an eye on the CFPS website for further information.

The Board takes very seriously the future of our examination process, and with the coming age of a digital Fire Protection Handbook, the implications of testing on a digital knowledge base is foremost in our minds. We have set up a “Testing Transition Committee” to keep close watch on the development of the digital handbook; and to work with NFPA, our testing vendor, ANSI, and other key figures to make sure our knowledge base remains relevant to our credential, and to keep the testing process secure, valid, and accurate. This will be a primary focus in the coming year(s) – for as long as it takes to shepherd the process along successfully. So you can expect to hear more about this on a regular basis.

CFPS.100x100Over the past couple of years, the number of candidates seeking Directorship on the Board has decreased significantly.  While we still have well-qualified and capable candidates involved and being elected, we are concerned about this trend. It is not too early to begin considering whether YOU might be interested in serving as a Director. It does not require a huge time commitment, there is little to no personal expense involved, but the work is vitally important to the future of the organization. Most employers I am familiar with are very supportive of having one of their employees serve on the Board. So consider running for the Board next year – and talk it over with your employer and family members. Please feel free to contact any of the twelve Directors for more insight about what it means to serve on the Board, the election process, or other questions of interest. In a nutshell for you, we meet in person at least annually at the NFPA conference, four times a year via teleconference as a full board; and periodically as needed via teleconference at the committee level.  

With that, I will end the Chairman’s Corner for this quarter.  I am quite honored to Chair the CFPS Board for the coming year, and am very excited about the future of our program. Please contact me if I may be of service to your needs as a Certificate Holder.

Best regards,

David W. Ward, CFPS Chairman, CFPS Board of Directors

Burton.200 We congratulate Alan Burton of Atlanta, Georgia for earning his CFPE!

Last year Alan Burton earned his Certified Fire Plan Examiner certification. To achieve this level, he has also dedicated himself to complete training and passing the exams for the Certified Fire Inspector-I, and Certified Fire Inspector-II. He is now the Section Chief of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department-Airport Division (Fire Prevention & Community Risks Reduction Section).

As the Chief of Fire Prevention & Community Risk Reductions at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Alan wears many hats. His duties and responsibilities are to:

  • oversee Community Risk Reduction (i.e. fire extinguisher training, pre-fire planning, evacuation drill, etc.) and permitting
  • provide fire safety classes to airport stakeholders and enforcement of Federal Aviation Administration FAR 139.321 and all applicable City of Atlanta codes
  • evaluate and approve submitted construction plans
  • and respond to life safety complaints



Alan is in a unique position in that the Atlanta Fire Rescue Fire Department is a partner agency with the NFPA and offers NFPA training for Georgia. He received his NFPA certification as Certified Fire Plan Examiner at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport last year.  Leon Katcharian, NFPA’s Director of Certification, explains that “like the CFI-I and CFI-II certification programs, the CFPE is based on the NFPA 1031, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner. In addition to the NFPA 1031, the CFPE certification program also includes NFPA codes related directly to the plan examiner’s field-of-practice.”

Alan commented "with this training and certification, I've enhanced my knowledge, skills and abilities in my profession as a Community Risks Reductions Chief Officer. NFPA certifications offer a greater understanding of the fire codes and why they exist.  They’ve given me a better understanding and appreciation of Fire Prevention and Community Risk Reductions and how we prevent fire through education and training.  Having NFPA certifications has helped me obtain the rank of Section Chief and requested to return back to the airport."

More on the NFPA Certified Fire Plan Examiner

FpelogoIt is the particular mission of the NFPA Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE) program to promote professionalism within the fire plan examiner field-of-practice through a widely accepted, recognized, appreciated, and practical certification program.


 The program goals include: 

  • Recognize and provide evidence of competence as related to NFPA 1031, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner
  • Enhance professionalism
  • Ensure proficiency in the use of codes and standards
  • Promote professional development
  • Ensure a uniform, fair process for certification that is accessible to everyone

Learn more about CFPE and other NFPA Certification programs. 

!|src=|alt=Bruce Clarke|width=200|title=Bruce Clarke|class=asset asset-image at-xid-6a0168e9101676970c01a73dcd87f2970d img-responsive!


Bruce Clarke

Greetings and well wishes once again from the CFPS Board of Directors.


Welcome New Certificants

We are pleased to announce that our program continues to enjoy very positive “smart” growth with

70 new certificants </span>added to the CFPS ranks since January 1, 2014.&#0160; The CFPS board joins me in extending congratulations and a warm welcome to our new certificants. You should all be very proud of this great achievement. The addition of these new certificants brings the total number of active CFPS holders to 2306. I know the required exam is not easy by any standards but I think that most of you will agree that earning the right to add the CFPS professional designation after your name is well worth the effort.



!|src=|alt=CFPSbrochure|style=margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;|title=CFPSbrochure|class=asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d8351b9f3453ef01a73dcd89ad970d img-responsive!I am very excited to witness both the positive direction the program has taken over the past several years as well as the excellent plan we are developing for the future. In addition to our plan for program growth with uncompromising integrity, a top priority of the Board will continue to be a focus on promotional visibility across our associated industries. We can all share in this program promotion though our daily professional conduct, activities, and a willingness to challenge colleagues to pursue a CFPS certification for themselves.&#0160; Nothing makes me more excited than to see industry job postings where holding the CFPS certification is recognized as a differentiator. I am even seeing more and more postings where “CFPS or equivalent” is a top requirement. This is a testimony to the increasing value of our program which certainly appears to be expanding in several fire protection and loss prevention related industries. While on the topic (and at the risk of making this sound like a CFPS sales pitch – and anyone who knows me knows I am not above promoting our program when I get the chance), I wanted to remind people that CFPS program brochures can be downloaded to share with colleagues.



Welcome New Board Members


We just completed our annual Board of Directors elections for open positions where two past directors either chose not rot run again or could not run due to term limits. Congratulations to Dave Hague, David Ward, Frank Keisler, Jr., and Kevin Sluss on their recent election results. Voting proved we had another very tight election year with a slate of very talented individuals running for these open positions. Thanks so much to all who stepped up to participate in the election, both as candidates and voters. Looking ahead, I encourage all that were not elected (and anyone that has a CFPS and has the time and the interest in making the CFPS program even better), to run for a position on the Board of Directors next year.

* NFPA Conference & Expo*


With elections and our 2013 ANSI recertification now behind us, the Board is focusing on our involvement in the upcoming NFPA Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas . For our part, there will be a CFPS booth, CFPS reception, and our CFPS annual meeting. If you are going to be in Las Vegas, please plan to attend our meeting and reception. Also, stop by the booth to say hello to the Board. In fact, send your non-CFPS colleagues by the booth to learn why they also should become certified!


CFPS LinkedIn


Details and locations of the various events have been posted on the CFPS LinkedIn&#0160;site. The approximately 4000 member CFPS LinkedIn site has great technical industry and CFPS program discussions. For those of you that are already part of the site, please post your stories where you have seen value in having the CFPS. I have enjoyed many of these reports and know many more people would love to hear them too. This is especially true since LinkedIn site membership is not only open to those that have a CFPS but also to those exploring the possibility of obtaining a CFPS.&#0160; Access the&#0160;CFPS LinkedIn site.




On another note, as mentioned in our last update, CFPS recertification starts by navigating to and clicking on Enter CFPS Online services . This year we posted some updates and clarification on certification requirements so, I encourage you to make sure to plan ahead. From this site, you can also&#0160;access For CFPS certificate holders&#0160;to view important CFPS related documents including CFPS Board of Director contact information, the CFPS Bylaws, and the noted recertification requirements tables that were recently updated.


New Chair in June


On a final note, while my term as a Board member is not expiring for two more years, this will be my last communication as Board Chair. A new Chairman will be nominated from the existing 12 Board members in June.* I want to personally thank those that have served on the Board* but are moving off in June. Mr. Ray Lonabaugh has been a board member pretty much since the beginning and has served as a dedicated and instrumental part of outstanding program guidance for well over a decade. Mr. Chris Butts became one of our FPE Board members a few years back and immediately jumped in with great ideas and program involvement. A big thank you to both. There are also three NFPA staff members that constantly focus time going “above and beyond” for the betterment of the program, and those people are Ms. Beth Turner &#0160;(CFPS Program Administrator), Mr. John Cannon (Certification Program Manager) and Mr. Leon Katcharian (Director of Certification). They continue to make the CFPS (and strong CFPS-NFPA relationship) increasingly stronger. Thank you.

Bruce Clarke



For more on&#0160;CFPS&#0160;go to:</p>

Martin Myers is the retired Fire Marshal of the City of Kalamazoo and Coordinator of Fire Inspectors Program for the State of Michigan. Marty recently spent a few minutes with us recalling his promotion to Fire Marshal in 1985 and sharing his experiences with NFPA Certification programs. His dedication to the mentorship and development of new inspectors as well as the development of training programs is impressive.  In 2011, he was awarded the Michigan Fire Inspectors Society President's Award for his efforts in coordinating and leading NFPA training programs.

When I was promoted to Fire Marshal in 1985, I was promoted on a Tuesday and moved into the office on Wednesday.  It was a quick transition and the department advised me that I would be trained as schools became available.  I did attend Fire Investigation Training but did not receive any training on code inspections.  I had been in the office for one week when the phone rang. On the phone was a property owner; he had questions about fire codes for his property.  He was looking to me to be the expert.  I immediately looked at all the NFPA codebooks and other codebooks but wondered where to begin.  I had to tell the owner I would call him back with an answer.  The next day an architect brought in plans for a 400-unit apartment complex he wanted to build and wanted me to review the requirements for him to start.  I had motivation to do a good job for the department and community, to make the community safer, but I was limited by the lack of good training available.

Twelve years ago the fire service organizations of Michigan got together and began to ask the question -- how can we train our Inspectors and Fire Marshals better? The Michigan Fire Inspectors Society was the lead organization to meet with the NFPA Certification Department to begin the discussion of what programs they had to offer.

The Michigan Fire Inspectors Society (MFIS) created a partnership with the NFPA to offer the NFPA Fire Inspector-I course in the state of Michigan.  This course was turned into an 80-hour course administered by the MFIS.  Following completion of the course all attendees would take the NFPA exam and practical inspection.  Passing all assessments would result in the individual becoming certified by the NFPA.  The NFPA certificate would be recognized by the State of Michigan and that individual would be a state certified fire inspector in Michigan.

100x100.CFIThis Fire Inspector-I course allowed anyone wanting to become an inspector or Fire Marshal to be trained.  The new trainings would allow new inspectors or Fire Marshals to be trained on the codes and answer questions for the professionals on projects in the community.  This course also trained fire personnel on how to properly adopt fire codes in their community.

In February of 2014 the state of Michigan passed a law stating that anyone certified in NFPA Fire Inspector-I, NFPA Fire Inspector-II, and NFPA Fire Plan Examiner (NFPA Plan Review) can now be registered with the State of Michigan Fire Marshals office. This was a long-term result of the improvements in the quality of education and training of fire personnel.  This new level of recognition will allow anyone that has all 3 levels of certification to inspect certain levels of mechanical and fire protection systems.

100x100.CFI-IIThe high level of education and certification from the NFPA Fire Inspector-I, NFPA Fire Inspector-II, and NFPA Fire Plan Examiner (NFPA Plan Review) class and examination has become a minimum standard for any department to follow when their Fire Inspectors are promoted to Fire Marshal and required to perform these jobs.  The partnership between the State of Michigan, Michigan Fire Inspectors Society, and the NFPA Certification Department has greatly impacted the quality of personnel conducting fire inspections and code related work in the community.  The Michigan Fire Inspectors Society offers an 80-hour class for Fire Inspector-I and 32-hour class for NFPA Fire Plan Examiner (NFPA Plan Review) and 32-hour class for NFPA Fire Inspector-II.

100x100.CFPEThe private industry has noted they like the diversity of the program and graduates are not limited to one area, so the graduates of NFPA Fire Inspector-I, NFPA Fire Inspector-II and NFPA Fire Plan Examiner (NFPA Plan Review) can assist where needed.  In the state of Michigan the development of the NFPA Certification in Fire Inspector-I, Fire Inspector-II, and Fire Plan Examiner has created a high level of training available to all agencies.  It has demonstrated to the community and citizens that because of this improvement in education and certification the citizens are safer and future developments have been revised and will continue to create a safe environment.   

Marty Myers
Retired Fire Marshall City of Kalamazoo
Coordinator of Fire Inspector Certification Program State of Michigan

Do you have a certification story? Let me know. I'd love to hear it! - Leon

The CFPS® Nominating Committee is preparing for the annual election of CFPS Board members.

The Board of Directors Election is a two-part process. Part One consists of the Call for Nominations which will take place from March 12-April 2, 2014. Part Two consists of the actual voting which will take place from April 17-May 8, 2014. The annual election is conducted electronically through e-mail and a secure web site.

On or around March 12, 2014 Certificate Holders will receive an email announcing the Call for Nominations. Those interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors should nominate themselves in accordance with the guidelines. All nominations must be submitted by Wednesday, April 2, 2014. 

The CFPS Board of Directors has 4 positions to fill this year. Board members serve for a 3 year term. Voting will take place from April 17 through May 8.

2013 CFPS Board of Directors at NFPA Conference & Expo in Chicago, Illinois

Results will be announced at the Annual CFPS Certificate Holders meeting on June 9, 2014 at NFPA’s Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.



If you have any questions, please contact the CFPS Certification Department at 617-984-7484 or


CFPS Chairman's Corner

Posted by kategreene Employee Jan 27, 2014

ClarkeBruce.new200borderGreetings and a sincere wish for a healthy and prosperous 2014 from the CFPS® Board of Directors. We wish to congratulate the 148 professionals who took up the CFPS challenge and passed the exam this year. We also wish to thank the 520 existing CFPS certification holders who produced their 3 year required points documentation and successfully recertified in 2013.
Note: For those of you approaching your recertification date, starting the process is as easy as navigating to and clicking on Enter CFPS Online services. Also remember that navigating to the page and clicking on For CFPS certificate holders allows you to view important CFPS related documents including CFPS Board of Director contact information, the CFPS Bylaws, and the recently updated recertification requirements tables.
As we start 2014, it seems appropriate to review where the CFPS program is and where we see the certification going. I am happy to report that the program is in great shape with both a steady certificate holder growth rate as well as an exponential rise in positive exposure. The program currently involves 2,269 certificate holders and although our year over year growth seems somewhat slow, any growth is a welcome sign considering how current global economic conditions have negatively impacted many other professional level certifications.

LinkedindiscussIn regard to program exposure, our CFPS LinkedIn site has over 3,500 members and while many of those participants are CFPS certificate holders, a great number of people visiting the site are seeking out information on how to obtain the CFPS for themselves or for their employees. While the program is always growing within the U.S. industry sector, an increasing amount of our LinkedIn members and program applicants are from outside the U.S., signaling interest in CFPS as an internationally recognized certification. Taken together, the steady U.S. growth and international interest put us in a very good position moving forward.
In other news, the certification program just completed the 2013 ANSI 17024 audit review, a major annual accomplishment that ensures our program meets international standards for personnel certification. Looking to 2014 and beyond, the Board is focused on even larger growth and program recognition. Part of our program growth plan involves maintaining the highest standards of exam and certification program integrity. As part of this process, we will shortly begin reviewing the program design to ensure job role relevance as well as changes and advances in industry technology (this may include a potential time when the Fire Protection Handbook and the CFPS exam are available in a digital format). While we may be a year or two away from implementing these types of changes, it is important that we start to think about the future and what it means to our program and to our candidates. We are also looking at how we might update the program in order to engage engineers earlier in their fire protection careers. These are just a few of the ideas that the Board will be reviewing throughout 2014.
On a final note, the NFPA Conference & Expo® will be here in only a few short months and because the Board has fully implemented term limits, we will need new CFPS industry expertise on the Board. We would like you to please consider running for a position on the Board. Details regarding the election process will be arriving via email shortly.
-Bruce H. Clarke, CFPS Board of Directors

HeathGarrison.200 Heath Garrison is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for electrical safety and electrical installations for the entire laboratory at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the U.S. Department of Energy's primary national laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development. The 327-acre campus in Golden, Colorado, houses four LEED-rated buildings.

Heath is a Certified Master Electrician and an ICC Certified Electrical Inspector with 15 years of commercial, industrial, and residential experience. He recently passed the exam to earn the NFPA Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (CESCP) certification.  The CESCP is the newest certification offered by NFPA and is specifically designed to meet the certification requirements of supervisors managing electricians and other facilities personnel who work with electrical power systems.

In his current role, Heath is responsible for assuring the compliance of the latest current edition of NFPA 70®:  National Electrical Code®, NFPA 70E®: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®, IEEE C2 National Electrical Safety Code, and OSHA 1910.  He enforces the requirements of the Electrical Safety Program and ensures the workplace safety of electrical, instrument, electronics, and refrigeration technicians.

Career Path

He began his training as an apprentice and he continues by taking classes towards earning his Electrical Engineering degree. Recently, he’s had the opportunity to train in specific areas related to NFPA 70®, NFPA 70E®, and electrical circuitry.

Eligibility requirements to earn CESCP

An important eligibility requirement is completion of 40 hours or 4.0 CEUs of electrical safety training. Heath has spent the past several years diligently earning the following certificates:

CESCP-logoNFPA 70E®: Electrical Safety in the Workplace Seminar (2012 Edition)
NFPA 70E® - 2012 Update
• High Voltage Electrical Worker Safety
• Identifying and Installing Low Voltage Circuits
NEC® Overview for Lab Workers
• Continuing Education with the Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation, for electricians

CESCPcertificateTo pass you must reach a scaled score of 70 percent or higher, and we’re pleased to reward Mr. Garrison one of the first CESCP certificates! 


The NFPA Certification Team is looking forward to sharing more profiles in Certification in the coming months!

Learn more about CESCP and NFPA Certification.

The Call for Presentations for the 2014 NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas is open! This short video highlights the perks that speakers receive by participating in the Conference program. It's easy to submit your ideas online, however, we need to hear from you by Monday, September 16!

And if you're busy and need a little reminder, download this 'calendar reminder' for August 30th. You’ll be alerted that there are 2 weeks left to send in your session proposals to meet the September 16th deadline. The 2014 NFPA Conference & Expo will be held June 9-12, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


 Tonycole.200x200Anthony R. Cole, P.E., CFPS, CFEI is an Assistant Professor at Eastern Kentucky University. He teaches in the Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology Program in the School of Safety, Security, and Emergency Management, which is part of the College of Justice, and Safety.  He also owns ARC Fire Engineering, a small firm specializing in various aspects of industrial fire protection, investigations, and emergency response.

Location: Nicholasville, Kentucky, a suburb just south of Lexington, Kentucky.

Current responsibilities: “For the longest time I was in the industrial fire protection and process industries field, spending time both as a HPR/Insurance Loss Control Engineer and a Fire Protection Engineer.  Recently, I joined the ranks of academia at Eastern Kentucky University.  My major responsibilities include curriculum development and instruction at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels.  Additional responsibilities include student advising, research, and promoting the fire protection and safety engineering field."

Career path: Tony's career has taken him around the U.S. and to the Middle East. He has a fascinating history beginning with a decade of experience in local fire departments. Then, he worked as a loss prevention engineer and project manager for several consultant firms. Tony made a life changing decision and moved to Saudi Arabia where he took on new roles as the fire chief of Saudi Iron and Steel and fire protection engineer for a Saudi Arabian Oil Company. Recently, he's managed two consulting businesses and joined the world of academia.

When and where did you take your last NFPA certification class or exam?
“I’ve been working hard for many years earning different certifications, starting with my first professional certification post college, the CFPS, which I earned in October 1997.  Since then I have earned several other certifications including my Professional Engineers License in Fire Protection.  I think back to when I first earned the CFPS certificate and the positive comments and questions I received about the program.  At the time, it was not under NFPA but nonetheless; I always felt that it gave me a clear advantage professionally.”

How has your NFPA certification changed or opened new doors for your career?
“I felt so strongly about the program and professional credentialing in general, that I was able to bring CFPS to Saudi Arabia for the first time some years ago while I was at Saudi Aramco.  I am happy that Saudi Aramco has embraced the program and it is now included as part of the development of young Saudi Engineers as they progress in their careers.”

Industry insights: “One of the things I have recently noticed on new job openings is the requirement for the CFPS listed in the job qualifications.  I think this speaks volumes for the certification program at NFPA and the CFPS certificate in terms of being more sought after by employers.  I think that with the tough job market, employers are looking for the best candidate to fill a position and this type of professional credentialing is becoming more important.

With CFPS now in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, I see the program really growing on the international market.  So many professionals abroad are looking for a way to distinguish themselves from others on a global scale, that the CFPS certificate is one of the best ways of doing so.  With my previous international experience, I hope to bring that additional skill to the CFPS Board of Directors in order to help grow the program even more.  I think there is an un-tapped market for international certifications in fire protection and the CFPS certificate is poised to capitalize on this.  With the backing of the NFPA brand name and the high level of professionalism the CFPS certificate has, it certainly is a winning combination."

Tony Cole was elected to the CFPS Board of Directors in June 2013. During the past 15 years, Tony has been involved in several NFPA Technical Committees and he is a prolific writer and lecturer.


CFPS Board Election Results

Posted by kategreene Employee Jun 21, 2013

SAM_0007The CFPS Board of Directors held their annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois on June 9, 2013. The board honored two outgoing Directors, Thomas K. Varney and Edward J. Jones while welcoming two new Directors, Bret Martin and Anthony R. Cole. The board reelected Bruce H. Clarke as Chairman and David R. Hague as vice-Chairman and elected David W. Ward as Secretary/Treasurer. In other business, the board voted on several changes to the Bylaws, reviewed annual financial information and certification data, and discussed the future of the CFPS program. Learn more about CFPS. K. Varney is a Regional Manager for Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty in Chicago, Illinois. 

Tom works in the Risk Consulting area of a major global insurance carrier.  His responsibilities include overall management of 50+ primarily engineers working in the Americas (specifically Canada, U.S., Mexico and Brazil).  Part of his job is to make sure that all the engineers keep their skills as up-to-date as possible within the discipline they primarily work in.  His Loss Control expertise includes property, energy, ocean and inland marine, engineering (builder risk), aviation and liability. 

When and where did you take your last NFPA certification class or exam?

Tom took the Automatic Sprinkler and Alarm Plan Review in October 2008 in Hartford, Connecticut because that was where he lived at the time and it was a convenient location for him.

How has your NFPA certification changed or opened new doors for your career?

The CFPS designation has provided me with an opportunity to better gauge the abilities of engineers I work with in the U.S. and outside the U.S.  It has also provided an opportunity to provide an avenue for fire protection certification that requires ongoing maintenance to retain skill levels in various ways.”

“I also believe this type of certification based on the NFPA Handbook is an excellent option for engineers outside the U.S.”

Thomas Varney was elected to the CFPS Board of Directors in June 2010 and currently serves as the Director on the Marketing & Communications Committee.

Have you earned certification or are you in the midst of training? Share your challenges, issues, and achievements by responding to these brief questions. We can't wait to hear from you!

Certification is an important credential that can help you demonstrate your knowledge and competence. NFPA offers four different professional certification programs including: Certified Fire Protection SpecialistCertified Fire Plan Examiner I, Certified Fire Inspector I, and Certified Fire Inspector II

Having obtained a certification, professionals can leverage this achievement to attain different goals. Recently, we profiled the responsibilities of a fire marshal who’s earned his CFPS. Today, we feature a senior fire protection engineer/code consultant who shares his current responsibilities having earned his CFPS 9 years ago.

200x200.ButtsName: Chris Butts, PE, SET, CFPS

Title: Senior Fire Protection Engineer/Code Consultant

Organization: O'Brien & Gere Engineers - Federal Business Unit  

Location: Summerville, South Carolina

Industry: Fire Protection Engineering

Where and when did you take your last NFPA certification class? Chris took the CFPS exam in Orlando, Florida in 2004. He lived in the area at the time so it was a convenient location for him.

How has NFPA certification changed your career? His current responsibilities focus on fire protection design, code consulting, project management, and business development.

“The CFPS Certification is a credential that signifies credibility in fire protection because it is based on the broad knowledge base contained in NFPA's Fire Protection Handbook."

"Clients, AHJ and employers view the CFPS credential as assurance of qualification.”

Chris was elected to the CFPS Board of Directors in June 2011 and currently serves as the Chairman of the Marketing & Communications Committee.

Have you earned certification or are you in the midst of training? Share your challenges, issues, and achievements by responding to these brief questions. We can't wait to hear from you!

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