• Beware of Recent E-Mail Scam Falsely Threatening Violations and Penalties for Failure to Perform “NFPA Required” Fire Inspections

      Scams of all kinds are occurring with greater frequency via email, phone and other platforms.   NFPA has been made aware of a company sending what looks like formal correspondence using both an “nf...
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  • Safe Storage, Use, and Handling of Hazardous Materials are Critical to Fire Safety and Property Protection

      At NFPA, our technical experts receive many questions asking hazardous materials-related questions from fire inspectors, AHJs, and other stakeholders who are trying to better understand how to apply provisions...
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  • Don't Compromise Fire Safety While Responding to Coronavirus: Keep Fire Doors Operable

    As incidents of the coronavirus have continued to climb in the U.S., you’d be hard-pressed to get through the past couple of weeks without hearing reports of its spread. All of this is understandably generating ...
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  • NFPA Mourns the Passing of Jaime Moncada Pérez

    Over the years, great strides have been made in the realms of fire and life safety, thanks to the contributions of countless individuals. Today, NFPA and the wider community doing that important work mourns the loss o...
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  • With Peak Wildfire and Hurricane Seasons Upon Us, Officials Strategize Ways to Safely Evacuate and Shelter People During a Pandemic

    Watching news reports over the past few weeks it’s hard to miss scenes of the destructive wildfires raging across Northern California that to date have taken the lives of seven people and destroyed more than 2,5...
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  • JOURNAL NOW: The rapid emergence of the marijuana industry and what it means for safety regulators

    It’s not often a massive industry emerges seemingly overnight, but that’s what’s happened with legal marijuana. In just a few short years, the drug has gone from total prohibition to a thriving legal...
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  • NFPA 1:  Occupancy classification of a building containing marijuana growing or extraction operations, #FireCodefridays

    It’s back! After missing out on a few Fridays, I am happy to be back with a Fire Code Friday post!  The past few weeks have been busy here at NFPA.  I have been working most days preparing the (almost)...
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  • Three Key Changes in the 2020 National Electrical Code That Help Make Kitchens Safer for Families

      If your kitchen is anything like ours, you’ll agree it’s become more of a gathering place for family than our own living rooms. While it may be hard to equate actual statistics to time spent in a ki...
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  • National Preparedness Month Prompts Individuals and Communities to Plan Ahead for Hurricanes, Storms, and Wildfires During Fall and Winter Months

      It may seem counterintuitive, but the fall season is actually a time when hurricanes, thunderstorms, wildfires, and other natural disasters make their impressive mark across many areas of the U.S., often disrup...
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  • Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Campus Fire Safety Month Raises Important Reminder About Reducing Fire Risk in College Housing

    Every year, the month of September marks the launch of the school year with new classes, new friends, and often new living spaces. This year, however, as communities face unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pan...
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  • 6 Facts about Sprinkler System Corrosion and Steps to Help Minimize its Effects

    Corrosion is a costly problem for sprinkler systems. It can cause leakage which can lead to impaired sprinkler systems, water damage, and eventually replacement of the entire system. This blog looks at  what corr...
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  • NEC Online Training Series consistent with the 2020 edition; features grounding, bonding, motors and HVAC equipment

    The way people work and learn has changed considerably in recent years, and particularly, in the months since COVID-19 took hold in the United States. NFPA has been following this trend for years and mobilizing to mee...
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  • As Hurricanes Threaten the Gulf Coast, NFPA Electrical System Resources Help Electricians, First Responders, and Facility Managers Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from the Storms

      Hurricanes Marco and Laura are fast approaching the Gulf Coast this week and experts are calling their arrival “unprecedented” as the two storms are expected to make landfall within days of each oth...
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  • FPRF Webinar on Time Restricted Eating to Improve Overall Firefighter Health is Now Available

    Firefighters are considered an “at-risk” population for metabolic diseases, yet 75% of fire departments nationwide have not adopted a health and wellness program according to the National Center for Biotec...
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  • Beirut Break Down: Hot Work Safety Can Be Achieved If Safety Procedures Are Followed

    It has been more than two weeks since we first saw footage of the horrific explosions in the Port of Beirut, and in the days since many of us have been wondering how the conditi...
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  • Determining Sprinkler Requirements for High-Rise Buildings

      The summer of 2017 saw a number of deadly high-rise fires, including the Grenfell Tower fire and the Marco Polo fire. While deadly incidents like these are usually the result of a combination of failures, thes...
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  • After 2013 West, Texas, Explosion, Gaps Persist in Ammonium Nitrate Regulations

    With the horrific explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4, it is an apt time to revisit the U.S. Chemical Safety Board’s (CSB) report on the 2013 ammonium nitrate (AN) detonation that devastated West, Texas, ki...
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  • NFPA Chemical/Industrial Expert to Discuss Ammonium Nitrate During Latin American Webinar

      Before he rides off into the sunset and begins to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, NFPA Director of Engineering and resident industrial/chemical expert Guy Colonna will conduct a webinar for stakeholders in La...
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  • New NFPA online certification prep programs help professionals get ready for CFPS, CFI-I and CFPE exams

    NFPA has developed three new Learning Path programs to help different stakeholders prepare for certification credentials at their own pace and at the level they deem necessary. Professionals looking to get ready for C...
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  • New NFPA Fact Sheet Provides Guidance to Schools as they Prepare to Re-open

    As schools plan to re-open their doors in the days and weeks ahead, school and local officials are working diligently to implement measures that help minimize exposure to and spread of COVID-19. While much emphasis ha...
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