• Journal NOW: How the 2018 Merrimack Valley gas fires are an incident management success story

      The natural gas fires and explosions that swept through three communities in the Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts in September 2018 struck quickly and without warning, inflicting an...
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  • Mike Rowe, known for having the dirtiest job in America, brings attention to the dirtiest secret of the fire service

      Affable, willing-to-take-on-anything TV host, writer, producer, and spokesman Mike Rowe tackles firefighter cancer in his popular reality web television series, Returning the Favor. In the 19 hours since ...
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  • NFPA 1: How the Fire Code Mandates Annual Inspection of Fire Doors, #FireCodeFriday

    The first part of this week’s post is written by Jen Sisco, Engineer in the NFPA Building and Life Safety Systems group and Staff Liaison to NFPA’s Fire Doors and Windows Technical Committee responsible fo...
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  • Journal NOW: Boston Attack Is Latest Example of Violence Faced by EMTs

    At least three Boston EMS personnel have been assaulted on the job since July 10.       Credit: Getty Images   As reported in a recent NFPA Journal cov...
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  • Mapping the Codes for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

    The installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is an increasingly attractive way to reduce the cost and environmental impact of producing and using electrical energy. However, these systems can also have an impa...
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  • NFPA 1: Electrical Fire Safety and Relocatable Power Taps (power strips), #FireCodefridays

    Earlier this week it was revealed that a deadly fire at Trump Tower in Manhattan in early April was an accident and the cause of the fire was declared to be “multiple overloaded power strips”. Reports also...
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  • Journal NOW: In the new NFPA Journal, a look at gas explosions, assembly occupancies, event safety, and much more

    The July/August NFPA Journal, out now, includes coverage on everything from a catastrophic natural gas incident to steps for improving safety in escape rooms, a popular type of amusement that is growing worldwide. &#...
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  • A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: Impending Equipment Failure

    How do you know if equipment is ready to fail? What are signs of impending failure? Who should know what the signs of impending failure are for a piece of equipment? NFPA 70E®,Standard for Electrical Safety ...
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  • Journal NOW: After Jim Beam fire, read NFPA Journal's 2018 feature on keeping distilleries safe from fire

    Last week, a massive fire tore through a Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky, destroying 45,000 barrels of the company's whiskey. The blaze continued for days as barrels of the flammable liquid were purposefully ...
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  • #TBT From The NFPA Archives: Don’t Lose a 5th on the 4th!

    Happy Independence Day, America! Today we thought we would share one of NFPA’s public outreach posters from 40 years ago. Did you know that each 4th of July, thousands of people, most often children and t...
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  • Safeguarding Pool and Hot Tub Owners from the Hazards of Electricity

    Summer is finally here! Drive through any neighborhood and it is nearly impossible to miss the signs. The smell of burgers on the grill and fresh cut grass permeates the landscape and perfectly accompanies the sound o...
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  • Research Foundation Seeks Proposals for a Project on the Impact of Elevated Walkways on Sprinkler Protection in Storage

    Solid and open metal grate walkways are often installed in aisles as part of rack storage.  Further, open metal grates are also used as mezzanine levels above storage.  There is little information on how the...
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  • SUPDET 2019 Program Posted, Early Bird Registration Open

    Early bird registration is open until August 28 for the Foundation's 2019 SUPDET®  symposium, which will be held at the Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown from September 11-20, 2019.  This year...
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  • NFPA 1:  Use of Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience and NFPA 1126 Reference in the Fire Code, #FireCodefridays

    This week’s post comes from Alex Ing, Associate Engineer in NFPA’s Hazardous Chemicals and Materials group and Staff Liaison to NFPA’s Special Effects Technical Committee responsible for the developm...
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  • #TBT From The NFPA Archives: Mark Wilson and Snuffy

    During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s master magician, Mark Wilson toured the United States with a jovial talking steam pump engine named Snuffy. There were two versions of Snuffy used as part of the na...
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  • If a labeled fire door is installed in a location where a fire door isn’t required, is the door required to be inspected annually?

    Health care facilities contain countless doors serving numerous purposes. Some doors require routine inspections, and the items to be inspected vary depending on the application of the door. In this NFPA® Live I ...
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  • FAQ Friday, NFPA 80 - What is the inspection and testing frequency for fire dampers?

    As the name implies, NFPA 80 provides requirements for more than just fire doors.  The installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of other opening protectives such as fire windows, glass block assemblies,...
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  • Student Reception at NFPA C&E Conference: An Opportunity to Network & Learn About Personal Branding

    The student reception held at this week’s NFPA Conference & Expo was an opportunity for NFPA student members and student conference attendees to learn more about career development and connect...
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  • 2019 Technical Meeting Results, Thursday, June 20, 2019

    During today's NFPA Technical Meeting in San Antonio, the following action has taken place on NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems 25-1 Motion to Accep...
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  • NFPA 1: Proper Use and Location of Grills and Other Cooking Equipment, #FireCodefridays

    Are you responsible for enforcing apartment buildings where residents want to use grills?  Have you been faced with landlords or condo associations who are seeking education on the risk of grills and cooking appl...
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