• A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: Why NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace Does Not Include Incident Energy Calculations.

    I often get questions on which standard, equation or computer program should be used to calculate the incident energy when the incident energy analysis method is used. Some argue that the information should be in NFPA...
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  • NFPA CEO & President to Kick Off Siemens' Virtual Conference on Safety in the Digital Age

      NFPA President & CEO Jim Pauley will deliver the virtual keynote address to kick off Siemen's Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo on Thursday, October 1.   In his presentation, Transforming Your F...
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  • NFPA Releases First Two Videos of a New Campaign Series Dedicated to the Importance of Electrical Safety in the Workplace and at Home

    This week NFPA and the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors announced the rollout of the first two video interviews of a new campaign series entitled, Faces of Fire/Electrical, which features personal stories of people ...
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  • As students attend school remotely this fall, NFPA urges added caution around using and charging laptops and other electrical devices at home

      With many students returning to school remotely this fall, NFPA is urging added caution when using and charging laptops and other digital devices at home. Many households may have more people using and chargin...
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  • What is the Secret about Private Operating Mode?

      Everyone is familiar with the sound of a fire alarm and flash of the visual notification thanks to drills that are required at schools and the workplace. They are typically designed in a way so that everyone c...
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  • Following an Explosion at a Cannabis-Related Business in Los Angeles, Records Indicate No Inspections Conducted at Facility

    Keeping communities safe from fire, electrical, and other related hazards isn’t something that just happens—it’s the result of having a fully functioning Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem.  When ...
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  • Electrical “Cycle of Safety” Keeps People and Property Protected in an Electrified World

    We are often asked this question: if you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Personally, I think a present-day dinner conversation with Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and other pioneers of electricity would ...
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  • Emmy Awards Opening Stunt Reminds Us Not to Play with Fire

    As we continue to live in a COVID-19 impacted world, we see all kinds of businesses and activities pivoting to different formats. This year’s Emmy Awards was no exception. The 2020 event held over the weekend fe...
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  • NFPA LiNK Digital Reference Tool Launches with NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC)

    This week, NFPA launched NFPA LiNK, a new digital platform, with the four most recent editions of NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC). NFPA LiNK provides up-to-date code information and situational conte...
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  • NFPA 1: Furnishings and decorations in educational occupancies, #FireCodefridays

    It's back to school time.  Time for teachers to prepare their classrooms for the upcoming school year and welcome students back to classes.  Where does the summer go?  Soon artwork will cover the walls,...
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  • New Research by NVFC Provides In-Depth Look at Firefighter Recruitment and Retention Challenges

    It’s no secret that volunteer and combination fire and EMS departments have struggled with recruitment and retention, but new research from the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) provides deeper insights on ...
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  • Maintaining Your Emergency Power Supply System is Critical, Particularly during Hurricane Season

      According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, nearly all electrical customers experience at least one electrical utility outage each year. On average, each outage lasts 60 minutes or more. As we are in the ...
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  • RVI Continues to Generate Attention, Moves to Public Input Phase in Standards Development Process

    With industries still adapting to the demands of COVID-19 and the typical, ongoing backlog in ITM (inspection, testing and maintenance), RVI continues to cause quite the buzz. Health Facilities Management magazine fea...
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  • To All U.S. Fire Departments: NFPA launched the 2020 U.S. Needs Assessment Survey – Please Fill It Out!

      NFPA today announced the official launch of its 2020 U.S. Needs Assessment survey, the fifth distributed since 2001. The survey works to capture the level of resources and staffing among U.S. fire departments, ...
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  • Nicole Comeau Appointed Executive Secretary of International Fire Marshals Association

    NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley has named Nicole Comeau executive secretary of the International Fire Marshals Association (IFMA). IFMA members are fire officials, who have been lawfully appointed and authorized by ...
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  • 19 Years Later: What Lessons Have We Learned from 9/11?

    Every year on this day, I am overwhelmed with a sense of sadness that almost seems as raw as it did on that beautiful September morn in 2001. Tears flow. Memories flood. And I wonder, what have we learned in the after...
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  • Research Underway to Study Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Systems in Wildland Firefighters

    As of Thursday, more than 26,000 firefighters across 12 states are fighting 102 large fires over 4.4 million acres. If you find yourself gasping for air just viewing footage, can you imagine what firefighters on the f...
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  • A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: The 2021 Edition of the Standard

    If you haven’t been keeping up with the NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace revision cycle, the 2021 edition was issued June 1, 2020 with an effective date of June 21, 2020. Independent sta...
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  • 9/11: A Remembrance from FDNY's Former Chief of Safety

    Earlier this year, NFPA introduced the concept of "It's a big world. Let's protect it together." As the 16th anniversary of 9/11 approached, I couldn't help but think of all of the amazing people from the fire se...
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  • Can Sprinkler Protection Be Omitted If Another Extinguishing Agent Is Used?

    While water is often the ideal medium for fire suppression based on availability, price, and effectiveness, there are certain buildings, contents, and equipment that building owners want to protect...
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